Friday, August 12, 2016

Chunky Sunburst Granny Blanket

Hello there. 
I hope you're having a lovely day! 

This is a blanket that I finished a while ago and while I have shared it on Instagram, I don't think I ever got around to showing it on here. So if you've already seen this on Instagram I apologise, but I like to share things over here too, it's kind of like a diary of my crochet that I can check back on when I need to make something again. :) 

The yarn I have used is MoYa Bulky Plush Organic Cotton, it's a chunky weight so you use a 10mm hook.  I loved how quickly these squares worked up in the Bulky Plush.  I only needed 12 squares and I had a decent sized baby blanket! I used around 1 ball each of the colours in the centres, and 6 balls of cream for the background colour, plus 1 ball of the border colour.  That is quite a lot of yarn, so this is a rather special blanket, but I am really happy with how it's turned out! 

I'm thinking of making a pillow in the same pattern and yarn, with 6 squares, so rectangular, and maybe with a vintage blanket for the back side......., I think they'd look great on a bed!  Or even a square cushion made from 4 of these squares on the front would look awesome. :) 

So many ideas, not enough hours! :) 

Have a great day, talk soon! 



  1. I love the chunky sized sunburst squares! this looks so fun

  2. Looks lovely Julie -you know how to tempt me ��

  3. I love Priscilla Hewitt's sunburst pattern and it looks great in the chunky yarn, lovely colours too. Nice one Jules! Have a lovely weekend. Jane x

  4. Beautiful, Julie! have a nice day!

  5. Stunning, loved the chunky look to it.

  6. Lovely colours! Looks very nice.
    Best wishes from germany

  7. 12 motifs for such a great blanket. Win win. I have had a good old catch up here today, I haven't visited for ages and I had some blogging time so have been roaming around all my favourite places and you are one of them! jo x

  8. I love this JUlie, I always wonder what o earth to do with my Moya Bulky Plush, but I am thinking to much, I must get the hook out!

  9. It's beautiful! I totally agree, not enough hours!!

  10. Wow! That is amazing.

    Really beautifull.

  11. I've just seen your chunky sunburst blanket. How pretty it is! The final two photos reveal how expansive the squares are! It took me 63 squares to get a similar size throw from the same pattern, because I used a 3.75 mm hook and Catania cotton. I learned that I would prefer a softer blend of yarn for my blankets, but I absolutely love the Priscilla Hewitt sunburst, and I admire your work. Alexine in Maryland


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