Friday, April 22, 2016

5 Friday Finds #42

Hello there! 
How has your week been? Good I hope! 
I thought I'd do an Etsy Finds post today as it's been ages since my last one and there are always so many awesome creative people to discover and support on Etsy.  Mother's Day is coming up, so it was a good excuse to have a browse and bookmark some very covetable items! 


1 At  PinkCheeksStudio, Nichol Brinkman is making so many gorgeous things!! Her custom family mobiles are so full of cute details and colour, I just love them!  I think I might have to get one made of our family and our animals too. :) And her range of other animal and storybook mobiles are just amazing too! Well worth a visit to admire her whimsical work!


2. I love these cloud dishes from joyelizabethceramics. What a great  present for my mum (or me!)!   Joy Elizabeth makes gorgeous colourful ceramics, I also love her milk jugs, so cute!  

3. Ali Walker is the yarn dyer at  KaleidoscopeDyeWorks, her yarns are so full of vibrant saturated colours I just adore them! I am really loving al the speckled yarns I'm seeing around the internet these days, so much colour creativity!  Perfect for all the yarn lovers out there. :)

4. I am so glad I stumbled across  monpetitviolon, this shop is full of gorgeous crochet pattens for children clothing and other items. Vita is the lady behind this shop, and she has a lovely simple classic style that I think is quite timeless.  I'd love to make a few of these sweet cardigan! 

5. I really like the humour in the cards at  TheFarmhouseCharm by Kiersten Stahl.  I like the simple graphic style and the amusing one or two liners.  Funny but not sarcastic, these cards are great, and there seems to be a card for any possible occasion you can imagine! 

So that's it for today, I hope you like my finds, there are always so many interesting things being made and put up for sale on Etsy, it is very inspiring!  I'm considering opening an Etsy shop of my own, I love doing my crochet but really need a reason to make things, and I guess stocking an online shop would be a good one!  Now that the market season is finished here for a while I might have time to look into it. ( But don't hold me to it! :)  ) 

I hope you all have a great weekend, it's a long weekend here with Monday off for Anzac Day.  We are heading out for family celebrations on Saturday for my Dad's 70th birthday, and my youngest is turning 16 on Tuesday, so we might have a little party on Monday for him.  It could end up a busy weekend!  
I hope you do something fun or relaxing or adventurous or celebratory on your weekend too!

Talk soon! xxxxxxxx


  1. Lovely finds! So many creative people in the world! Sounds like a great weekend. My dad will celebrate his 78th soon. Wishing them both many more to come!


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