Monday, February 8, 2016

Autumn Yarny Love Club sign ups are open!

How are you all going?  Good I hope! :) 

I have been busy in the shop getting ready for the next Yarny Love Club instalments, subscriptions are opening today for March, April and May, the Autumn edition of the club, and I am so excited!! 
 I really enjoyed putting together all the boxes for the first  Yarny Love Club last year, and am really happy to be doing it again, hopefully you will love it too! 
Also, this time round I am opening it up to all my crafty friends in the USA!
Read on for all the details.

Yarny Love Club #2 Autumn Edition 

 Here's all the info for you! 

By joining my Yarny Love Club you are signing up to receive 1 
parcel per month for 3 months,(March, April and May) so 3 parcels in total.  Each parcel will contain at least 100g of beautiful, premium quality yarn, project/pattern suggestions for crochet and knitting, and crafty treats specially for my club members.(Such as ribbons, labels, buttons, stitch markers, washi tape, stickers, handmade embellishments, or anything else I think might be a cute addition!)

  Your parcel will be a surprise each month, and hopefully will be a great way to try some beautiful yarns that you may not have come across before. ! I will be trying my best to send you a lovely box full of crafty goodies! :)

For Australian residents,t
he cost for the 2nd Yarny Love Club is $120.00, which is for March, April, and May, and includes postage. :) 

This time round, I have decided to offer the Yarny Love Club  to the crafty peeps in the USA as well, the cost for the 3 months USA subscription is $140AU (roughly $100USD), which includes Air Mail postage.  Postage usually takes 1-2 weeks from Australia to the US.  The Yarny Love Boxes for the USA will be basically the same as the Australian boxes, except I will be including more Australian or overseas yarns that might be difficult to obtain in the US, there are a lot of beautiful yarns out there to try! 

I will be sending out the yarn club parcels in the first week of each month, you can sign up by  emailing me, Julie, at ( Let me know if you are in Australia or the USA) and I will send you a Paypal invoice for the subscription, or if in Australia, you can pay through direct deposit.  Your membership is not  secured until payment has been made. There are limited places for this Yarn Club, sign ups close 26th February

(or earlier if full),so get in quick! 

PS.I want you to love your yarny parcels, so when you email, tell me your colour preferences if colour is important to you! :) 

I think that is all I have to tell you, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

Julie xxxxxxx


  1. I wish there was something like this in the UK, there are a few run by large companies but the choice of yarn leaves much to be desired. I have a friend who signed up for one and was committed for a full year and only used 3 of the packages.

    1. Hi Pam, I sympathise with you, I am am keeping my club fairly small so I can offer a more personalised experience and encourage people to tell me colour preferences so they are more likely to love the yarns and actually use them! And I also only include beautiful yarns that I'd like to try if I was receiving a box, and I think 3 months is a big enough commitment to sign up for, that's why I run seasonal clubs. I really want my customers to be happy! Have a great day! xxxx Julie

  2. New Zealand? We are neighbours...

    1. Hi Kimberley, Yes I can include New Zealand! :) The cost would be $130AUD. If you are interested, feel free to email me, I'd love to include you on the list! Julie xxx

  3. Hi Julie
    Any thoughts about Belgium?

    1. Hi Lizzie, unfortunately at the moment I am not including Europe as the postage is high and it seems to take ages for things to get there, and I'm not sure of all the different tax/duties that might be involved. Maybe one day I'll get things sorted out so I can include European countries too, if only Australia wasn't so far away from everywhere!! xxxx

  4. Is it one hundred us money for all three months or one hundred a month for three months? Thanks Northern Michigan ,USA

    1. Hi mommagirl, it is $140AU for all 3 months, so you pay $140 AU and you receive 1 box a month for 3 months. :)
      Sign ups have closed for the Autumn/Spring season, but I will be holding another one for the Summer season staring in June. Sign ups for that one will open mid May. Thanks for your interest! :) xxx

  5. When will the next club start! Hate I missed the deadline on this one


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