Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Winter wooly day.....

How is your week going? 
Mine is good, lots of fun wooly things happening, I'm busy but in a good energising way, lots of new, interesting ideas swirling around, and some exciting plans coming together.  
It has been good planning weather, sooooo cold and dreary, perfect for rugging up and getting some serious hooky time in front of the fire and heater.  I'm trying a couple of winter markets this year, so I'm making things to stock my stall. I'll have to show you soon what I've made so far! 

Wool seems to be all around me these days, my little shop is slowly growing, it is so much fun deciding what new yarns to get in and what other crafty goodies to stock, my customer numbers are growing slowly but surely, (thank you so much!!) and I am able to spend a lot more time doing 'shopkeeping' and crochet type work these days, it feels like a 'real' job! :) 

Anyway, I had a little wander around my studio this afternoon, 
and noticed lots of colourful woolly goodness, 
so thought it might be nice to have a little colour hit on a Winter's day. :) 

.......piles of pastels for hats .......

....and  I have been pompoming like a mad thing!  
What's your opinion, pompoms on beanies or no pompom?  
I like a pompom, but not everyone does.....

.......new brights in the shop, tomorrow I've got to upload them onto the online shop, lovely Sportwool from Filatura di Crosa......

... a colourful corner with washers waiting for edgings and blankets layered up......

That's about all I have now, just a little snippet of my wooly day, I hope you have a great day too!

Talk soon! 


  1. I think pompoms suit some people. My daughter asked for one on a hat I made her last year. I don't know if the pompom survived any washing or even if the hat survived the winter without being lost!

  2. A wonderful color hit for the day! No pom-poms for me thanks, but for those that can wear them I think they look great. As it's still scorching summer time here it's light weight projects for the hook, currently working on a shawl in sock wt. yarn. Hope your day is fabulous!

  3. Mooie kleuren van de nieuwe wol en mutsen groetjes Marie-Claire

  4. Hmmm, pompoms for girls and children, probably not for blokes? Love the colour hit from your gorgeous woolies - it's 'technically' summer here in Northern Ireland but we've just had the coldest July in 20 years!

  5. Fun wooly goodness! The best kind :-) So glad you're keeping busy and warm. I think pompoms are fine for kids but not for adults.

  6. Pompoms for the ski slopes and kids. Unadorned, generally.

    Just a quick question: Are you thinking of stocking STYLECRAFT from the UK somewhere down the line? I am in the process of crocheting one of Lucy's blankets, and my pack of yarn arrived last week from Wool Warehouse. What can I say? I'm a converted devotee after having used Red Heart yarn for years!!! :D (aussiebushgirl)

  7. I definitely think the answer re the pom pom is a bit of both. hows that for sitting on the fence. lol.

  8. I am happy to read that your little shop is growing so well! Congrats!

    I like pompoms on beanies when they are a firm fit, that is not slouchy beanies. :)

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  9. can't stand pompoms, had too many adults pat me on the head as a kid & boy did i end up with one hell of a sore head, they just laughed & told me not to be a cry baby, so, no pompoms here thanx.
    you have a wonderful eye for colour, those all look rather delicious!
    thanx for sharing

  10. Pompom's all day everyday...I hate how I look in hats, but I don't mind how I look in a pompom hat, it feels festive. Now I am craving to make pompom hats, but first I need to finish my other 747829347 WIPs (jk it's only like 4, but it feels like a lot)


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