Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly stills and a winner!

1 + 2  Last week I made some more Galilee Booties, getting ready for the start of the market season coming up soon! These are really fun to make and strangely satisfying as a completed project. 

3 + 4 A couple of snaps from my stall at the Seaford Handmade Market on the weekend, a very cruisey market and a lovely day out. :)

5  I am thinking about making a blanket with this gorgeous fluffy mohair.    I am going to do a chevron striped blanket with different width stripes of colour, I think it will look good, and it will be lovely and soft! 

6  This is how I found the cats when I got home from the market yesterday, they know how to make themselves comfortable, I'm glad I can provide them with a crocheted bit of cosy for a sleep!!! 

How was your week? 


And I have a winner in the 'Flowers Abound' ebook giveaway!  
Thanks you so much to every one who entered the giveaway, I am not the only one who likes a flowery granny square it seems :) 
So, without further ado, Congratulations Angela, your comment was the lucky winning number 7! 
If you could email me your email address that would be great. I will get a copy of the ebook sent to you ASAP  :) 
Thanks to Shelley for the great giveaway, 'Flowers Abound' can be found over here if you missed out in the giveaway.

That's it for the moment, I hope you have a great week, talk soon! 


  1. Your work is gorgeous! I'm a beginner crocheter, do you think I could make your children's slippers?

  2. Congrats to Angela! the booties are gorgeous and your stall looks so cheerful and colourful. I love seeing you cats cosied up in your blanket :-)

  3. Your stall looks amazing so bright and inviting. Love the bootees they are amazing, a real delight.

  4. Those booties are cute, cute, cute!
    Susanne :)

  5. I can't believe I won! Thank you so much! What wonderful eye candy in todays post. I don't see how the shoppers will have any money left after spotting your stall! : )) Cats are smart, they know where the best spot for a nap

  6. Congratulations to Angela. The little booties are
    super gorgeous.
    Cheers, Anita.

  7. Love those booties! I laughed out loud when I saw the cats, they certainly know where it is nice and comfy!

  8. Such a lovely colourful almost Missoni like post! The booties are so cute, they look better than normal ones more like a little shoe. I might have to make some for my granddaughter when she arrives. Love that bright blanket too.
    Congrats Angela.

  9. Those little boots are so cute! If only they looked as adorable in adult sizes!

  10. The booties are adorable! I bought the pattern last year but haven't yet made any booties from them. They are quite high on my list though!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds


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