Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A market and a ripple

1 + 2 This is my stall at the Somers Winter Market which was on last weekend.  It was such a lovely day, lots of people through who were really into yarny things, so I had plenty of lovely crafty peeps to talk to.  People are so encouraging and kind in their comments and support, I am really looking forward to the new season at Emu Plains Market, it starts in October so still some time to hook up some stock. :) 

3 + 4 This is a new blanket I started the other day, even though I have heaps of things to do at the moment it is always nice to start a new project!  It is a ribbed chevron pattern that I am calling 'Skinny Ripples', just standard rows of dc in a chevron pattern worked in the back loops for a nice texture effect.  I was going to use some different colours, but in the end I went with some old favourites.  It is hard to work against your personal colour sense don't you find?   I  think it is going to work out lovely, although it is smaller than I had anticipated with the chevrons making my chain row not seem so long!!  You live and learn I guess! :) 


Thank you so much to everyone who has signed up for my Yarny Love Club so far, you guys rock! 
I am having fun making some cute things to add to the yarny goodness, I hope everyone likes them!  Still a few days to go till sign ups close, but I am so grateful for all the interest shown in this little club. :) 

Have great week everyone! 


  1. How nice to read you had a wonderful time at the market. And I love your blanket with the small stripes.
    It is indeed hard not to work with favorite colours. I'm using some colours that are really ugly to me in my fall blanket, but still it's nice to see how they bring out my favourite colours even harder.
    Anyway, wishing you a nice day, Sigrid

  2. Your stall looks absolutely gorgeous!

  3. wow there's a lot of woollies in you stall & it looks very cheerful too!
    would love to join your yarny club but alas can't this time though it sounds wonderful! good luck with it all the same :))
    love the chevron blanket, have only just started doing small granny squares with leftover wool ...

    thanx for sharing

  4. What a gorgeous market set up! I wonder if there are markers like this where I live!
    Trish - tales from trish

  5. Such a wonderful stall, if only you were near me I would be around to visit like a shot. Inspirational.

  6. A lovely colourful stall, I always look forward to your blog updates . Amanda x

  7. Your stall is fabulous! Love all the colors, so yummy! The ripple is pretty already and the ribbed stitch lends wonderful texture.( It is hard getting the length to a ripple just so!) Have a great one!

  8. Your market stall is beautiful! And I'm glad to see a bigger picture of that table. :^) Seeing just the red top in some earlier pictures I thought it might just be a vintage table from the 50's or 60's. Or is it just retro-looking. I love it, regardless. Pretty, pretty, fun things!

  9. Your stall looks so colourful and inviting. I love the ripple blanket. I am hoping to start the ripple blanket I am making for Josh next month so I am really interested in all the different versions at the moment. x

  10. I love your bright stall, and the blanket is looking good. What are the rectangles with hearts I wonder, tea towels, towels perhaps? I will go and hunt for them to find out.

  11. I found them - wash cloths. They are very pretty.

  12. Actually made it down to Somers for the day. The winter market is fantastic, so many wonderful stalls! When I came across yours the colours I saw unmistakeably said "little Woollie"! Loved your stall and had a great day down there.

  13. Love the ripple!!!
    And lucky you are to have market around you!!
    Miss, xx

  14. Your stall is adorable ! I like your hearts very much!


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