Thursday, May 21, 2015

Starting something new.....

Lots of colourful circles waiting to be squared up! 

Hello there! 
How are you going my crafty friends?  
It feels like I haven't been here for ages! 

I have been missing my little blog recently, the days have been whizzing by without a lot of computer time, but today I am going to show you a blanket that I am in the process of making.  

It is another Sunburst Granny Square blanket, I really love this square, so simple yet pleasing!  Priscilla Hewitt sure knows how to write a great crochet pattern!
I have made this pattern before, a long time ago when I first learnt to crochet, ( about 4 years ago), so it has been nice to give it another go in completely different colours.

This is the beginning, I wanted to use up some of the large stash of scrap balls that I own, so lots of pretty colour all mixed together ...

...then I started playing around with colour schemes within all the different colours I was using, getting a bit side-tracked, I think I might come back to these colours and make a more limited palette blanket one day, too cute not to document though!  Loving all the pinks and greens together. :)

Next it was time to to start squaring them up, I chose grey because it a nice neutral background colour, plus I had just received my shipment of Cascade 220 Superwash and it had a lovely Silver Grey that I just had to use!

 ....more squares and colour........

....this is where I'm up to at the moment, I need to make about another 20 squares to make a cot blanket size, but I think they are looking nice and chirpy all together!  Very happy with this little stash busting project!  :) 

So my friends, what have you been making recently?  
Are you doing any stash busting?
Are you finding it harder to fit in computer time like me? 
How do you balance all the different social medias around these days?  Is it even worth trying? I am having trouble juggling my blog, Instagram and Facebook, I don't even bother with Twitter or anything else.  And I'm not posting on Facebook as much either!   
There has to be time to live real life or there is nothing to post about anyway! 

Talk soon! 



  1. Lovely jolly colours, a very cheerful blanket.

  2. Love the burst of colour in the centre and the soothing grey a great combination.

  3. OH MY WORD, I am in colour heaven! Simply gorgeous. You have such a wonderful eye for colour Julie, and this just is one joyous piece of work!

    Have a beautiful rest of a week.

    Vanessa x

  4. Oh my! What wonderful eye candy to find posted this morning! Thanks I needed The grey was a perfect selection to showcase all those lovely colors, and it makes the circles stand out. I hit a road block with my heart blanket, needed to add one more row but found it hard to find the right colors to add. Finally though I did, so it's nice to get back to that project. Also painting an old bike (hot pink) to add to the garden with some yarn bombing and of course baskets of flowers. We do seem to be lost on-line these days. I try really hard to find a balance, I set limits for myself like with the kids. Enjoy your day! <3

  5. I know what you mean about the juggling with all the social media and such. On some days, it is no problem but most days life, work, the household and such gets into the way. And as you said: some days there is nothing to post about! I am quite lucky that I share my blog with my best friend from Australia, so we also share the load.

    The squares will surely turn into a surperb blanket! Love how the grey makes the colors pop out. :)

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  6. Lovely mix of colours. You will have fun joining them all up!

  7. I'm in love with these squares! Can't wait to see the finished blanket!

  8. The sunburst was one of my first favourite patterns, which has been adapted and used by many. A long time since I've seen Priscilla Hewitt's name attached to it though. Lovely colours you have decided upon for your gorgeous blanket - I always love brights surrounded by neutrals. The pattern looks very different depending on the colours I think.

  9. So much pretty in a few pictures. Thanks for sharing, I love looking at these beautiful items. :D

  10. Beautiful! Love your bright and cheery colours!

  11. Such cheerful colours, I love the way the paler border makes the circles pop. I only blog but I do sometimes struggle to find time to catch up on reading the posts I follow. I too set a time limit for my children and limit my own time. Have a great weekend. x

  12. Wow! wow! really beautiful! your new blanket it looks so great!
    I loooooooove it!
    Have a nice day and happy crocheting!
    Kisses from Catalonia!

  13. Scrummy as always Jules , Kate xxxx

  14. Beautiful blanket Little Woollie. What will you do with it when you finish? Will you give it to someone you know with a baby? I agree that it's hard to find computer time, but when you are the successful crafter and blogger that you are, it's your duty to post often and regularly! We all follow you because we want to see what you are up to, what inspires you and what we can take away from your art!! xxxxxxx

  15. That was me commenting. I just didn't know how to put my name in!

  16. Completely agree with you Julie keeping up with everything can be a nightmare! I make sure that I have computer free days and don't worry too much about things after all it's the making and creating that is important isn't it. I am stash busting at the moment making little sunburst circles ready for yet another blanket, using up wool from the previous blanket...............somehow though I've had to buy some more cos there wasn't quite enough of a key colour! Do you find that too? Anyway I love your new blanket so fresh and pretty. x

  17. Looks great! Making something similar with scraps, called yoyos. Will follow your blog. :)

  18. A lovely riot of colour Jules, looks great with the grey x

  19. Hi Little Woollie, I just come to say you "merci beaucoup" for your "help" with your blog for the couverture I crocheted last year.
    I wanted something different and I found ideas looking at your blog ... merci merci beaucoup. So, I come often to have a look about your news. You can see my couverture here :
    Good crochet.

  20. Love your colours and even though it is a stashbuster, it doesn't look scrappy at all - they are all colours you use so they are YOUR palette and just go. They really stand out against the silver grey.
    My May has been super busy too (news on my blog) which is why I am still catching up on blog reading. I don't do Instagram. I never bothered. I supposed I don't have a use for it. I have FB for personal communications, email as well for personal business communication and blogger. I have a pinterest account but I avoid it because it can be quite a time waster and my computer loads the photographs so slowly it is tedious. I don't know how anyone can be across ALL of the platforms without it being a full time job in itself (that is why there are Marketing and Media Managers out there). You are so right that there would be nothing to blog about if we weren't getting on with life in the real world. I can't wait to see your blanket when it is done. I don't know anything about Priscilla Hewitt but I am amazed at the number of beautiful and quite complex squares that she has designed. Can you share more information about her? Have fun with all of your activities, you are certainly a busy bee now with the studio/shop as well. Cheers :-)


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