Friday, February 27, 2015

5 Friday Finds #31

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Hello everyone! How has your week been? 
 I can't believe it's Friday already, it really feels like it should be about Wednesday.  

Anyway,  it's time for another Friday Finds, I have been trawling around Etsy this week and have found some lovely things to share with you! 
So here we go! 

1. Michelle Robinson, the clever crochet queen at PoppyandBliss has done it again with a fabulous new design, the Illusion blanket, so modern and gorgeous!  It's going on my very long list of things to  make this year!  

2.I have been on the hunt for some speckled type yarn after seeing very cute speckled socks somewhere on the internet, and I think I have found the perfect yarn at  lemonadeshop!   
Heather Rhoads is the dyer at this shop and her hand dyed yarns are so beautiful, but they sell out very quickly, so worth checking the update times! 

3.mikodesign is a shop full of fun things,  I particularly like the Frida doll kits and flag bunting, so cute! There are lots of other doll kits available in this shop, perfect for a crafty peep to have a bit of fun with.  Well worth a look! 

4.In the shop Murtiga you will find these very intriguing stoneware sculptures that I really love!  Ana Bossa is the creative talent behind this shop, I would love a little collection of her  'passersby' sitting on my window sill.  Love!

5. Rebecca Jones is the illustrator behind DrawnByRebeccaJones, and has lots of cute prints of her work available in her shop.   I love her owl print and the colours in her terrarium, so lovely! 

So that's it for this week, I hope you do something fun on the weekend, I am going to try and get stuck into the jungle that is my veggie garden!  Sadly, I have neglected it badly recently and will be paying the price this weekend.  Has to be done though, and I will be so happy when things and cleaned up and growing food again.  

Talk soon! 

PS.  Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on my seaside wheels within wheels blanket, you are all so kind and supportive, I really appreciate the crafty community on my computer!  
You're awesome!!! 



  1. Gorgeous finds! Loving them all, the yarns, the owl print, so much pretty! :)

  2. How brilliant that you should find that crochet blanket pattern. I have a similar blanket made by my husband's late grandmother that needs to be repaired but I didn't know how to, now I shall. (See the blanket here: Thank you so very much for the lead. Philippa x

  3. I really enjoy these Friday finds! That blanket is awesome! (May have to add that to my (too long) list to make That jar of wildlife is wonderful too! Try not to work up too many blisters in the garden! I'll be glad when it's gardening season here again (snow on the ground at the moment).

  4. Great picks this week! Loved them all! Have a great weekend!

  5. In love with the gorgeous yarn and the art! Off to check out those shops on Etsy! Have a lovely Sunday and a great week! :)


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