Monday, December 1, 2014

Garden Share Collective - December 2014

Hello!  So it's the start of December and Summer here in Melbourne and time for another little look around the garden for the Garden Share Collective over on Lizzie's blog.  I haven't joined in for a few months as there was very little going on in the garden except for a whole lot of neglect!  
But during November I have started to reclaim the veggie patch and have planted out some Summer things.
Sticking to Lizzie's format:
Planting : During November I planted zuchinis, capsicums, carrots and lettuces.
Harvesting : We have been eating spinach, rhubarb and broad beans from the garden 
plus herbs and lettuce.
To do : Still need to continue weeding out beds and planting beans, beetroot, tomatoes, sweetcorn, lettuce, cucumbers and pumpkins.  Keep up with watering, it is really starting to dry out around here.

Like a little tour of what's going on in the Littlewoollie backyard?.....

......these are some of the beds I have cleared for summer planting, must get onto planting out now before it get s too late.....

......rhubarb still has good stems on it although starting to look a bit dried out.....

.....capsicums looking good, if small........

...... carrot patch, I am growing baby carrots and the round variety, I liked them for roasting last year. The cages are to stop the chooks and cats scratching this area up, seems to be working, there are a lot of tomato seedlings coming up in here too, I should transplant them and see what we get, I grew lots of different tomatoes here last year.....

.....zucchinis starting to take off....

 .......English spinach has been good, just starting to go to seed now, must try and find the pack of this seed, the leaves are huge and very tender, think I'll grow this again next year......

......this shot and the top one are carrot flowers, I think they are some heirloom varieties, different colours, white and purple I think, so I am letting them go to seed, hopefully I will be able to save my own seed for next year......

..........random potatoes coming up in the garden boxes, they don't seem to mind all the kikuya that is growing there too! .....

.....mandarins, I think they are past their best, probably dry inside.....

.....drying off the broad beans to save seed for next year....

.....and finally my parsley patch going wild, it is lovely and green though so I am leaving it for now...

How is your garden growing, are you eating much from it at the moment?



  1. Am enjoying seeing you at the beginning of summer when we are at the beginning of winter. Love that things are growing and colour is returning for you. Here our garden is wet and damp from the autumnal weather and as we have had two deep frosts we have nearly lost all colour here. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Oh, if you do find out what sort of spinach that is I would love to know, it does look very lush. Great to see you back this month, you still have plenty of food around which is fantastic. You have been a busy bee planting out summer veggies too. Look forward to checking back to see what survives the summer.

  3. I love that big arch you have waiting to be planted. You have loads going on in your garden, it looks wonderful. I look forward to seeing your progress next month.

  4. This is really nice! Here we're having wintery vegetables and fruits, while you're about to enjoy your summer ones, this never fails to strike me... : ) Anyway your garden looks great!

  5. Oh it's so wonderful to see a garden full and growing! Winter setting in here so not much mainly some kale and onions, and winter greens is about it here. Mulch is the way to go, makes gardening s-o much easier. I too have to get creative with keeping the chickens and cats at bay. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love your garden pics - so alive with great
    stuff. Over in the west here, things are looking
    pretty dry :( lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  7. It is so nice to see a garden growing when we have snow covering the ground. Thanks for sharing.

  8. You asked what my garden is doing just now: It is sleeping under a wonderful white blanket of snow, because we live on the opposite part of the world in Germany :-). Yesterday it starts to snow and we had little icicles at the gazebo. But in the summer we had zucchinis, broad beans, rucola, tomatoes, a lot of berrys, more than 60 cherries, raspberries and lots of flowers. I am so proud of my more than 60 cherries, because the cherrytree lives in my garden since 2 years. The year before there were only 17 cherries on it. In 2008/2009 we built a new house and this year we finished our garden. On the east side of the house we have flowerbeds and 4 vegetable beds and in the flowerbeds we have 4 berrybushes and lawn.. On the west side of the house now we have a flowermeadow and I put about 1200 flowerbulbs into it. So I am looking for a beautiful springtime next year.
    I love to read about your garden and the crochet things you share with us. It is so nice to see what is growing on the opposite side of the world.
    Greetings from good "cold" germany,

  9. We are going to winter here in Belgium, so there are winter vegetables in the garden like brussels sprouts and curly kale. Planted also garlic and winter unions. :-)

  10. Fab garden. Lovely photos too. I do like visiting. Rarely commenting just stopping buy having a nosy and I'm loving your blog xx

  11. Your garden is wonderful, and so green. The carrot flowers are gorgeous.

  12. Summer! That's a word I miss oh so terribly up here in the upper hemisphere. It's not that I don't like the white, wintry wonderland, but I'll still pick verdant bushes and vibrant flowerbeds anytime. Hahaha! Anyway, your carrot flowers look splendid. I bet the next seed generation would look even more so. Thank you so much for sharing that tour!

    Mitchell Knapp @ Scenic Landscaping


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