Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A couple of things.....

# Today I was prompted by a lovely lady to stop procrastinating and set a date for a crochet workshop, so it has been done!   There was no putting it off any longer, on Saturday in a couple of weeks I will be hosting a little workshop making a harlequin tapestry crochet washcloth.  
It should be fun I hope! 
So if anyone would like to spend a couple of hours learning this technique with me and a few other crafty peeps, please feel free to email me or message me on Facebook for more info.  
The cost is $20.00 and I will be making a yummy afternoon tea too!  
I am located on the Westernport side of the Mornington Peninsula, so if there are any Peninsula peeps out there, it is nice and close for you! 


# Have you heard about the project that Kate Berry and Rowan Anderson are trying to get off the ground?  It is called The Nursery Project and is about getting people involved in where there food comes from, think veggie gardens, fruit trees, small scale farming, keeping animals, cooking and lessons, workshops and demonstrations.  Setting up a farm where all this can happen.  The plan is to encourage people to own their own food sources and get their hands dirty.  Sounds like a natural extension to the kitchen garden revival of recent years.  I hope it is successful, there is so much satisfaction in growing/rearing/processing/cooking your own food.  You can read about their ideas over here.  Good luck you guys! 


# There is still a few weeks to go in the Softies For Mirabel campaign, if you would like to make a softie for a child this Christmas you can read all about it over here.  I am going to get my skates on and make something cute for a little someone who might get a smile out of hugging something soft.


So that was a few community announcements for you today, I think they are worthy causes (well, my workshop is just a bit of fun really!) and it is nice to share good things that are going on out there, we certainly hear such a lot of bad news these days!  

Have you heard of any good things going on in your neighbourhood recently?

Talk soon


  1. Hope your workshop goes well. I think I'm just a bit too far away to attend (Northern Ireland).

  2. Congrats on getting your workshop up and going. Hope it is a great success and leads to many more.

  3. How I wish I could attend your workshop, that's a technique I've been wanting to learn for quite some time... what a pity we're SO far away!

  4. Would LOVE to attend, what fun that would be!( Too bad it's so far away ) : ( Best of luck with it.Here locally; toy collecting for needy kids, and a blanket drive for the homeless as well as homemade blankets for the nursing homes, then our neighborhood does a light show and collect canned food for those in need. Have a great day!

  5. I shall add my voice to the others who all wish we were closer to be able to attend your workshop. Have a lovely time ~ I wish you much success!

  6. Wishing you a wonderful afternoon with your group-and afternoon tea, sounds perfect to me. Aussie land slightly out of my budget but thinking of you all having fun none the less.
    We are doing the 'shoe box' for operation Christmas child appeal as a collective at work-fun to put together and an incredibly worthwhile cause.

  7. Wow! I wish I could attend your workshop to learn tapestry:: but Italy is quite far away! Wish you a nice crafty day!

  8. Mmmm! My sister lives in Mt Martha- maybe it's time for another visit?

  9. Wishing you all the best, so wish I could be there but alas am in the UK. I love your wash cloths and have already made several, but would love t be as competent at them as you. Good luck and ENJOY x

  10. Hi Julie I was a fan of your blog and Facebook but didn't click who you were married too! Not until G posted on my FB page today about your gorgeous cats��

    1. It's a small world isn't it Kimonos and Sushi! The internet has really shrunk that 16 degrees of separation thing! Thanks for saying hello :) Julie xx

  11. Congrats frnd !Good thing adding on your post and visitor coming and learn useful tips from here.

  12. I wish I lived closer than the USA so I could attend your Tapestry workshop!!!
    I know everyone that does show up will learn lots & certainly enjoy themselves!


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