Sunday, November 16, 2014

5 Friday Finds #23 (on a Sunday!)

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Hello there, how is your weekend going?  
It is a lazy Sunday here after a very busy week, I had my market stall yesterday and it was great day! I will show you a few pics tomorrow, but today I am catching up with my Etsy finds, a few days late I know, but sometimes real life just sucks up all the hours of your day and you just have to go with it! 

So anyway, here are my finds this week, I would be very happy to find any of these lovely things in my stocking this Christmas! 


1.I have just come across the beautiful work at theresahutnick, Theresa's gorgeous textile art dolls are so detailed and full of whimsy, I love her beautiful hanging dolls and fairies, they would look fabulous on a tree, or dangling anywhere really!

2. leschiwelt make these stunning wooden relief blocks and other lovely artworks, I love the simple designs and the folky feel of these, I think I can feel another collection starting around here :)!!

3.TheClayBungalow make these gorgeous handmade ceramics, I am loving the colours in these wonderful pieces, there are lots of lovely mugs as well.

4. I am thinking that these cute buttons or magnets from PetitReve would make excellent stocking fillers for the little peeps in your lives.  There is also a large range of beautiful artworks by Sarah and Colin Walsh available as prints, lovely stuff!

5. I am a big fan of  LilyMoon, her beautiful illustrations are so charming, and she has a big range of postcards available at the moment, plus some very cute gift tags and stickers, I think I will be getting some of these to add to my postcard collection, too pretty to pass up! :)


I have bookmarked so many beautiful things lately, it is hard to choose what to share here! I am really enjoying my little window shopping sessions on Etsy, there is always something new and interesting to discover! Although time seems to go by at a different rate once I start looking through shops, an hour can pass in what feels like ten minutes!!

I hope you enjoy your Sunday, this coming week will be more leisurely for me, very welcome, I am hoping to get some updating done on my shop and may even get my first newsletter out!! 

Talk soon :) 


  1. Some great finds, I particularly liked the buttons. Glad your fair went well.

  2. What a beautiful blog you have - I am very happy that I found you. It is so fantastic to look at all the wonderful things you made or found.
    Best wishes from Austria

  3. Some lovely things in those links. However I do wish people who do dolls wouldn't spoil the look of them with unbecoming faces. So many times the rest of the body is beautifully made/painted or whatever and then there is a less than attractive face which quite spoils it for me. I don't much like the first dolls shown here for that reason and it would be so easy to change in keeping with the rest of their appearance which is so pretty. Why????? So many dolls spoilt in this way! I love the wooden blocks and the pottery best but I am also fond of Lilymoon too - with her very pretty dolls with nice faces.

  4. So glad market day was a success! The Friday finds are great too (whichever day). Have a great day, relaxing if you can! (That's my plan if I can pull it off!) : D

  5. Lovely finds. The days are just running into each other becoming one long day in the run up to Christmas. I need to breathe deeply to avoid a panic.


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