Saturday, October 11, 2014

5 Friday Finds #20 (on a Saturday!)

Hello everyone!

Well I have missed my Friday finds by a day, yesterday just didn't have enough hours in it!  So You are getting Friday finds on a Saturday instead, so sorry for this slackness, I will definitely get back on track next week!
Anyway, I have decided to show you a few finds this week picked from the finalists in the Etsy Design Awards, there are a lot of beautiful talented people out there doing their own special things, and creating fantastic stuff!  
There are over 50 finalists in various categories, that is a lot of beautiful shops to check out!

 Quite a few of the finalists I have featured here before, so today I thought I'd show you 5 lovely shops that all would love your vote in the Design Awards.


1. Cath and Neil from mybeardedpigeon makes fabulous map cushions, and wall decor.  No matter what part of the world you are looking for, I think mybeardedpigeon will have you covered with maps from all corners of the globe.  Gorgeous things!


2. Brianna Peterson from  MrsPetersonPottery makes beautiful pottery and handmade porcelain jewellery, I love these cloud pendants, just amazing! 


3. Mel Boyd from FizzyLimeCreative makes fabulous woven wall hangings and lampshades, aren't they great!  I'd love one of these for my place, lots of lovely colours in this shop too!


4.Amanda Burnett from  LittlePaperClouds makes paper dolls and custom portraits in a whimsical quirky style, these watercolour dolls are very individual and lovely! 


5. Yvette De Lacy from MountainClay makes beautiful ceramics, I love this spoon set, she also has some lovely landscape cups that are beautiful! 


If you would like to check out the other finalists in the Australian Etsy Design Awards, 
have a look over here.

Good luck to all the finalists, they all deserve a prize for being awesome I think!

So what have you got planned for the rest of the weekend, anything fun?  

Talk soon!

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  1. Friday Finds on a Saturday? Blame it on Daylight Savings! That always messes me up.
    My daughter used to make a lot of paper fashions...she had them all hanging from her bedroom ceiling on little wire coathangers.
    Occasionally she would spare one for me to use to decorate a letter, card or envelope.
    Very cute! Thank you, Julie, for particularly interesting finds this week. :-) xxxx

  2. Me thinks Friday Finds on a Saturday is very quirky! Some terribly clever designers there. Love the lampshade....very, very cool!

  3. How lovely! Even though the day started out rainy(we geared up with umbrella and wellies in tow), and spent the day at a local fall festival enjoying and being inspired by all the talent on display,(and trying not to break the bank!) from metal smith iron work, to cement yard art, to many lovely booths filled with natural fibers,crocheted and knitted wares, hand blown glass of all shapes and sizes, chainsaw carvings, pony rides, zip lines, antique cars, more food than I can list,you name it was there! Needless to was a grand day, I spent too much, but fun was had by all. ;)

  4. Some great finds, I have family visiting.

  5. I have a cushion from mybeardedpigeon - a map of Canberra. I really love it!


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