Monday, September 8, 2014

weekly stills....

1. A new tapestry crochet washer I have started with the Cascade Ultra Pima, I am planning quite a few of these for Christmas pressies.

2+3+4. It is a very flowery time of year around here and I love it! My hyacinths are doing really well, and I am able to pick some to bring inside and still have lots out in the garden.  All these colourful beauties came from my garden.  Such a simple pleasure to pick a bunch of flowers for yourself, but one I look forward to all year!

5+6. These are a couple of shots of my stall at the NannaCool market on Saturday, I forgot to put my camera in, so these were taken on my phone, so they are a bit blurry, but I think you can get the idea.   We had a lovely day, it was great to chat to some crafty peeps and I was greatly encouraged by all the positive feedback for my stall set up and crochet stuff, everyone was so nice!  It was also lovely to meet some of the people who read this blog!  Hello everyone :)! Thanks for stopping by and having a chat, I still find it a bit strange to meet people in real life that read this, often it feels like I am just writing a little crafty diary to myself and I forget that real people in my community actually read it! Blogging is  kind of weird like that, it is produced in isolation but actually reaches across the world!  How fantastic!

7+8. Last week a lot of little crochet took place, I spent a fair amount of time on the couch surrounded by balls of wool and crochet flowers, I did manage to nearly fill my tin with flowers so I was happy with that! Also managed to sell a few at the market so it was all for a good cause.


How was your week? 
What have you got planned for this one?  
I hope it is full of good stuff for you all! 

I have got some new yummy yarn in my shop to show you tomorrow, just got to take pictures and upload it.  And I think it is time for a giveaway this week, I have fallen behind in my monthly giveaways so time to catch up!

Talk soon! 



  1. Glad to hear your market stall went well.

  2. Such a lovely stall Jules - hope it was a successful day for you.
    Kate x

  3. I love the color of your blog! It's like a sun in my computer! Bravo!

  4. Hi, Oh well done indeed on your stall, it looks fabulous, hope it was all ok---gosh it would be weird to meet blogging folk in person.
    Love the new design for the wash cloth.
    Have another productive week and enjoy the sunshine.

  5. So glad that you enjoyed the market stall, hopefully it will blossom.

  6. Looks like your week was great! : ) I love your stall, it's an amazing eye-catcher! xx

  7. It's so wonderful to see spring flowers, it will be awhile before I see any of mine in bloom, sunflowers and chrysanthemums now here, and the last of the roses. Your stall was the prettiest there I bet! I just LOVE your yarn covered twig tree(that would be pretty around Christmas time too). I too am working on Christmas presents along with baby gifts at the moment. Have a great week!

  8. Your shelves looks fantastic and I always like your yarn colour choices too. Hope your craft day was successful. You are tempting me to start some more tapestry crochet for Christmas too

  9. What a lovely colourful post Jules and your stall looks wonderful. Have a lovely week.
    Jane x

  10. Lovely flowers and your stall is so pretty and in inspirational! I love the those big cats you have in all different colors in your cool! I want one of those! You go girl!

  11. Oh I just ADORE this post Jules. I'm desperate to have a go at 'tapestry' crochet. You inspire me no end. I'm so glad your stall went well and you got to meet some of your 'readers'! Blogging is a funny thing. You are right, you write posts in isolation, so you totally forget that others read what you write! And.....oh my word.....those hyacinths! I ADORE hyacinths. I was thinking the other day, that I cannot wait until these are in season again here in the UK so I can place them on my mantel again. I just love their perky flower heads and their scent is a winner for me too!

    Have a super rest of a week

    Vanessa xxx


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