Friday, September 26, 2014

5 Friday Finds #18

Hello!  How are you all going? 

I haven't been around the bloggy world much this week, we are still away on our holiday, with not a lot of time for the computer I am afraid!  When there is a choice of having a swim at a gorgeous beach, or relaxing reading a book with a cold drink, or taking a stroll around a bay or doing a spot of whale watching from the balcony or having a leisurely crochet session,  it is easy to put getting on the computer on the back burner! :)  
It will be life back to normal soon, so I am making the most of our break! 

Anyway, I have my Friday Etsy finds for you today, so here we go!

1. The lovely Shelley from Spincushion has gorgeous crochet patterns for blankets like her beautiful Posies and Pickets blanket and the clever Pentagranny Baby Blanket.  Beautiful work!


2.There are lots of very cute crochet patterns at annemariesbreiblog so many choices in Annemarie's lovely shop, I love these little baby rattles, I think a whole forest of different coloured trees would be extra cute!

3. I am coveting a pair of these beautiful red shoes from ADIKILAV
(I do have a thing for red shoes),  and they look extra comfy too.

4. iviebaby has a great range of lovely baby quilts and blankets and cot linen for anyone setting up a nursery. I wish I had found things like this when my boys were babies!

5. I couldn't resist adding the soft toys at milipa, so appealing and delightfully quirky! I am thinking about starting a little softie collection, there are just so many gorgeous toy makers with shops on Etsy, so hard to resist!

Ok that's my 5 for today, we are half way through our time here, so I will try to do a post soon and share a few holiday snaps.



  1. As always some wonderful finds. Sounds like a great holiday.

  2. Sounds like a good time is in progress! More lovely finds. Enjoy! "See" you soon.

  3. I love the tights that are worn with the cute red shoes in picture #3. They look so cheery! Thank you for your "finds" this week. I always look forward to Fridays to see what you've come up with. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  4. Wonderful things, have a good holidays, greetings from Warsaw, ania

  5. Hi Jules!
    I am loving your blog and revelling in your luscious colours! Wonderful and inspiring work!
    However, I am relatively new to crochet, and am tearing my hair out trying to crochet a red diamond against a white background using your tapestry diamond tutorial. Many squares and many hours later I still cannot get straight sides to my diamond (and the carried yarn is showing through). The stitch count is fine, and I think I am following the instructions to a T, but there are random incursions of the contrasting colour showing in both the red and the white areas.
    I am using 8 ply acrylic, and have tried with 5mm and 5.5mm hooks. Is hook size important? (Can't see what hook you are using.)

    I hope you can give me some tips, please. XXX from Tassie

    1. Hi Squokka, So glad you like the blog, thanks! Regarding the tapestry crochet, i use a smaller hook to give a tighter tension that helps with hiding the carried colour, usually a 3.5mm for 8ply yarn. Also, I like to give the carried colour a little tug before each colour change to pull it flat behind the other stitches so it is not poking through any gaps. For a diamond shape I made my washcloths in hdcs instead of sc to give a longer diamond shape instead of a squat square shape. Other than that I am not really sure why your sides are not going straight, I hope these tips help! If you don't have any luck, feel free to email me a photo and I will see if I can pick up what's going wrong! Julie xxx

  6. Your Blog is A_M_A_Z_I_N_G, I like to share my blog with you and love your feed back come stop over

  7. Such beautifully styled photographs -crisp, clean and colourful. Enjoy the sights and sounds on holiday. Cheers, Jodie xx

  8. Love those red shoes. I'm just back from holiday and didn't get a chance to read or comment on anyone's blog. So this is me trying to get back to blogging. I managed to visit Yarndale (don't know if you've heard about it where you are) at the end of my holiday.

  9. Such cute and inspiring crafty-ness!

    Cindy Bee


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