Friday, July 18, 2014

5 Friday Finds #8

Hello friends.  Thank you all so much for the lovely response to my little crochet stamps, I'm glad they brought a smile to your faces too! :)  It is funny how a little bit of whimsy can cheer you up,  I am imagining a whole heap of crochet stamps whizzing around the world connecting us through little bits of crafty love and care!  How wonderful that would be, especially today with all the terrible news from around the world, days like this I wonder what makes us humans tick, capable of such extremes of behaviour, it is hard to comprehend why people do what they do sometimes.....

Anyway, I am trying not to listen to too much news today, it is just so sad, and a bit scary....
on to other lighter matters I think!

I have my 5 Friday finds here for you, a nice little bit of escapism for a grim day.

1. LittleDoolally has made this lovely baby blanket, and sells the pattern in her shop. There is lots of crochet goodness to be found in this shop, I do like the colours she has used.... :)


2.MarinskiHandmades makes these gorgeous girl bowls, so cute!  I think I might have to add one or two to my quirky ceramics collection, Marina does beautiful work!


3.Pomadour's Craft Cafe is a fabulous resource for crafty types, I am sure you have probably heard of this great shop before,  full of the Japanese craft books that are styled so beautifully.  There is something about the Japanese craft aesthetic that is very charming!  Definite crochet eye candy! While most of the books are in Japanese, the crochet ones have charts for the patterns so it is not difficult to follow.  I found a lot of new titles available since my last visit.


4.ValekRollingPins makes these lovely embossed rolling pins for patterned cookies, what a cute idea! There are different patterns to choose from, I like this classic geometric pattern, but there are some very cute robots and dinosaurs too.  The baker in me really likes these!


5. Lisa Congdon is an amazing artist who amongst other things, creates beautiful images with inspirational quotes, she also has a couple of gorgeous books out. What a talent, I love her work!


So that's it for today, what have you got planned for the weekend?  I am hoping to get to the Bendigo Wool Show, can't wait to check out all the wooly goodness!
Talk soon! 


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  1. The Bendigo Wool Show - I didn't even know that it exists - and it's nearish my parents too. Please take a million photos for me, I am desperate to see what happens.

  2. These are adorable finds... Have fun at the wool show... I would love to go to !!! :)

  3. Hi! Beautiful blog, and beautiful crafts! Thank you for sharing! Elsa

  4. Thanks for sharing the happy things today, the blanket and the ceramics especially make me smile!
    Have fun a the wool show!

  5. Oh what lovely finds on Etsy. I adore them all, especially the bowls. Just the cutest.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Vanessa xxx

    p.s I am finding it hard to hear the news at the moment. Such tragedy : (

  6. Lots of lovely finds. The news is hard to watch.

  7. Love the crochet bag and jar jackets!!!! Amazing talent out there!!!! Have a fab weekend!!!!

  8. Lots of lovely finds - especially the crochet baby blanket.

  9. I'd dearly love to have one of those rolling pins! Have fun at the wool show, look forward to "hearing" all about it. I'll be out searching for some thrifty finds this weekend. Have a great one!

  10. Great finds! Can't wait to see the wools you'll find at the show... Hope you have a nice weekend! : )

  11. Especially love the last item, the print, the quote made me tear up a little. Just flew home last week after 3 years abroad and feel incredibly lucky to have my family nearby now. Went to the Wool show yesterday but after being exposed to the european wool scene, I was a little disappointed with it :( Did buy some scrummy Mink/Angora mix, never had I ever had mink before!

  12. Beautiful finds. I just love all the colour - thank you :))

  13. I think we have to express our sorrow when terrible things happen to innocent people--to honor their existence and our connection to all living creatures. So, thank you for mentioning your sadness; it reassures me that many good people are out there. I also think that the sharing and connecting we do on blogs like yours, to say nothing of the creative impulse we all share, is a source of joy and comfort. Take good care, Kate in Oregon

  14. Oh I love these shares, especially the bowls and rolling pins. I think I have bought crochet books from Pomadour's Craft Café, I love the Japanese styling.

  15. Lovely blog, I am in awe of your crochet makes, beautiful.
    Love your Friday finds.
    Thank you

  16. What a find, an embossed rolling pin - so cool. Also I love those crocheted stamps, I really need to get my yarn out again.


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