Monday, June 30, 2014

weekly stills

1. My end of the couch, must tidy it up a bit I think.

2. Freezing winter morning, best place to be, cosy under the blankets.

3. New beginnings, I'm doing a skinny stripe blanket in blues and greens, I think it will be nice.

4. Deep in thought at the footy.

5. Flinders pier on a very brisk day.  I do love a winter sea.

How was your week?

Joining in with the other weekly stillers over at The  Beetle Shack.


  1. The picture of the sea is so beautiful! My end of the couch looks a bit like that too, but messier!! xx

  2. oh my goodness i just found your blog and your knitting is superrrrr cute and nice. I love how colourful everything is!

    following now :)



  3. Love the colour you manage to pack into your photos, really brightens my day :)

  4. I also love cuddling under a blanket when the weather allows but I can't wait to see the end of it!!! Have a fab week!!!

  5. Considering its 80 degress as we approach the July 4th holiday I'm more inclined to snuggle under the covers only when the A/C is blasting. I refuse to think about the snow returning as I enjoy the warm summer months. I hope you have a mild winter.

    I love the colors. It does make for a bright cheerful post.

  6. Your "end of the couch" is like my arm chair, inspiration central! lol I just finished my harlequin table runner, I love it, thanks for sharing. If you care to see: Have a great week!

  7. I do love all blanket you make.
    How do you chose your colours?
    All colours you use for are great, for my part I have the feeling that I always miss a colour.
    It is such a calm post with these colours.
    Have a good week

  8. I love the colours for your new blanket-I'm also working on a blues/greens blanket, it's going to be a large ripple :-)

  9. Dear Julie, it´s normal.....about me is it too so on the workplace....:-) I lake again your new stripe blanket.....are beautiful colours! :-)

  10. Hey Jules, had to have a giggle at the last pic. those colours are so you......turquoise boat and orange it and your new blanket and all the lovely, cheery pics.
    Looks like the game wasn't going too well, bit of 'edge of the seat' action by the look of it...:)
    It's a grey day in the North East, although the sun is making an attempt at an appearance......Welcome to July....xx

  11. Just love your crochet creations! :) x


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