Sunday, March 2, 2014

Garden Share Collective March 2014

The tomato bed, lovely tall plants growing strongly, but the fruit isn't ripe yet!!

It is time again for this great food garden link up over with Lizzie at Strayed from the Table.  I really enjoy these garden posts, I hope all you crafty ladies don't mind my little side step into the garden, I'll be back to crafty stuff soon enough!

Anyway, February was very dry here and still hot, so the garden has suffered.  I didn't plant any new plants this past month, I am planning to start planting Autumn things this month, but first I have a lot of cleaning up to do.
I have been harvesting beans, sweetcorn, and zucchini.
(Also had some lovely pears and nashis from the community garden.)
I have started picking a few tomatoes too, but I think they are very late this year, most of them are still very green.
This month I want to sow some brassicas, things like broccoli, tuscan kale, red and green cabbages, maybe some cauliflowers and some Asian greens like pak choy, or bok choy.  Also sowing beetroot, carrots, coriander, parsley and salad greens.
Want to see what's happening in my garden at the moment?

....the pumpkins are starting to brown off a little, they haven't been a great success, I only have a few pumpkins out of all the plants I grew, they didn't seem to produce many female flowers this year.

.....parsley gone to seed, I'll be collecting this this week and resowing some, I miss parsley in the garden and resent having to buy bunches from the shop!

......looking through to the chicken orchard, so dry and everything is looking sad!

....These pears and nashis were grown in the Community garden, we have a largish orchard that is completely netted so we don't have to compete with the birds anymore, it is fab! I have just preserved these pears into 15 jars of yum!

......See all the green tomatoes? These are Tigerellas, come on, ripen already!!

If any of you Australian gardeners would like some purple (I think!) carrot seeds, I am collecting seed from my plants and can send you some if you'd like, same for parsley too!

So how is your garden growing at the moment?
Are your tomatoes late too? 
Are you going into Autumn like me, or are you coming out of Winter,
 and planning a Spring planting in the Northern Hemisphere?

Oh, and just because this might be interesting to you peeps who like to grow food, there is an online Food Growing Summit taking place this week with lots of inspiring speakers giving talks. It is free, and I think it will be really interesting, I'm hoping to tune in for a few talks about the state of our food growing systems and how we can grow great food for ourselves. Might be worth a look!


  1. We love kale here. And my parsley has gone terribly to seed to. Need to deal with that. My carrots always wind up stumpy and tasting of dirt :(

    1. Hi Bree, I have trouble with carrots here too, I think our soil is too shallow for nice long roots, but I keep persisting! I love kale too, such a rewarding crop to grow, easy and prolific. Thanks for stopping by, J xx

  2. your garden has given some good produce.Im about to start to think about what i will plant this spring.First i must replace my cute mini greenhouse that got weathered and
    deterioated.Hope to have a good growing season like you x

    1. Good luck with your gardening jabbott, Spring is always lovely time in the garden, shame about your greenhouse, I use mine to get my seedlings going each season and it is really helpful. Thanks for visiting, J xx

  3. I like seeing what your garden is doing at the moment, since I am in the UK and it is completely the opposite season. It makes me long for spring to come to I can get started at my allotment! But since it has rained SOOOOO much here this winter, I don't know if there is any chance of growing anything this year. We have to wait for the soil to dry out before we can think of digging, so it may be a long wait.

    Hope your tomatoes ripen soon!

    1. Thanks Lise, wow, conditions have been very different here! We haven't had any rain of note for about 6 weeks! I love hearing about gardeners from the other side of the world, so interesting! Have great day and thanks for stopping by, J xx

  4. Wow Jules you garden is exactly what I would love to have. Not a lot is growing in ours at the moment as I've been very slack. We are redoing our whole front yard. I asked the kids what we should plant in it. They responded that they wanted bananas, mangos and avocados. Lovely idea. But we live in Tasmania...

    1. Hi Cat, well you might not be able to grow the tropical stuff, but I'm sure you will win them over with raspberries and blueberries, I'd be happy with that! Not to mention the fabulous potatoes you guys grow down there, I'd like to grow a pineapple one day, but I think we are too far south as well.... I think if you saw our garden in the flesh you, might run the other way, quite a lot of weeds and dead stuff in amongst the money shots! My garden is always a work in progress :)!
      Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day in Tassie, J xx

  5. It's so lovely to see a garden! Since we're just coming out of winter, I always miss ours and picking fresh produce daily. Seeds are ready, just as soon as the ground warms! I rarely have any luck with pumpkins, it's either too dry or too wet it seems(but I continue to plant them). lol I've never tried Tigerellas, I assume striped. Here in the southern USA, we're big on fried green tomatoes, just slice and batter then fried. I like to mix them with zucchini, summer yellow squash, and okra, at least till they start to ripen.

    1. Thanks Angela, it's interesting to hear what other people grow in different areas of the world, I have never grown okra here, and I've never tried fried green tomatoes, I'll have to give it a go! I'd recommend Tigerellas, yes, red and orange striped when ripe and great flavour. Have lovely day, thanks for visiting, J x

  6. Hi Jules, i dont know how i came to your blog, but i like it very much. We live in germany, at the opposite side of your place of the earth. And here we don't had winter. It was too warm this year. No snow and nearly no frost. And now the daffodils and snowdrops are blooming. I love that very much.
    Some posts before I red about the birds in your garden. For me it is so very exotic. We have cockatoos here in the zoo :-)). But in some towns here like Köln or Wiesbaden there are colonys of green parakeets and they are very loud and eat all the fruits in the gardens around.
    The crochet things you do are so nice. I started to make a granny-row-blanket and a cushion. I hope it will be ready before summer.

    Now i wish you all the best and that your tomatoes will be ripe soon. By the way: We have a shop here, were you can buy old seeds. Some years ago i had white, orange, black and green-striped tomatoes in my garden. So my neighbours were very upset :-)).

    Best wishes,
    Marina from Germany

    Sorry about my english. I Think it is not so very good, but i hope, you can understand me.

    1. Hi Marina, I am so glad you found my blog and left such a lovely comment, thank you so much!
      We do get lots of interesting birds around here, we are lucky I think, I have rosellas and parakeets in the garden at different times of the year. It must be lovely in Germany at the moment with all the bulbs flowering, I love that time of year.
      Good luck with your crochet, it is a fun craft isn't it, I have several things on the go at the moment too.
      I love growing old seeds, they are always interesting and often taste much better than the modern varieties.
      Thank you for visiting my blog and i hope you have a great day, Julie xx

  7. Gardens can be fickle! Enjoy the pumpkins and I hope you get ripened tomatoes soon!!

  8. If only my soil was good enough to grow carrots :-( Hopefully in years to come after we condition our soil to be more friable than large lumps of clay we can sow carrot. I love that you have a chicken orchard, its always great to see whats going on in your patch. Thanks for sharing the Food Growing Summit.


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