Wednesday, January 1, 2014

hello new year!

Well another year has ticked over and 2014 stretches ahead full of potential and surprises, I can't wait!  2013 whizzed along at an increasingly frenetic pace, I am hoping for a slightly slower year this time, I have so many things I want to do, I need to make sure there is time for everything.

Last night we saw the new year in with a rather hasty party.  Jesse asked a few days ago if he could have some friends over, so with a house of 20+ eighteen year olds (and a couple of old friends for us),
we threw a party together.  The evening was perfect for sitting outside around the fire, we enjoyed a few drinks and nibbles, the kids (teenagers) seemed to have fun, there was plenty of noise and revelry going on.  Many of Jess's friends crashed at our house, some in tents, some on couches, and I have to say they were much quieter this morning when we woke up, I think there were a few sore heads being nursed! :) 

So today has been a day of recovery, (I never get much sleep when I have a houseful of other people) and cleaning up, one of those post party days that are typical of New Year Days.  I have put fresh flowers out, and washed the floors.  Over night the weather turned, and we have had a day of rain and cloud, perfect for chilling out and doing not much!

Today I have also been doing a few rows on a new hooky project I started after Christmas, so nice to sit quietly and hook away with the rain on the windows, a very relaxing way to bring in the New Year!
Now I have to ponder on a few resolutions, I always like to make a few even if they rarely last the summer holidays, maybe this year will be different!

Have you been partying too? 
Did you have a big night or see the New Year in quietly?

Whatever you did, I wish you a big, fabulous New Year!  It's going to be great!!

Talk soon!



  1. No Party's here. I always like to relax at New Year's after the busy lead up to Christmas. Wishing you a wonderful and happy New Year in 201.

  2. Happy New Year and a lot of health, joy and hapiness, bye, ania

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours - hope its a good one!


  4. Morning Jules - Happy New Year to you and all your family !
    It all looks like a lot of fun was had. Fair bit of partying went on here too, very wet and disgusting outside today, so , like you, I am sat quietly crocheting infront of a lovely log fire before we all head back to work tomorrow.
    Kate x

  5. Oh I should have said, my current crochet project is a take on your beautiful stripey blanket. I'm almost there with it now and will do a big ta-dah soon. Absolutely loving it - thank you for your wonderful inspiration.

  6. Happy New Year Jules, wonderful photographs, thank you. It looked as if you had a great time, quiet in our neck of the woods but very pleasant and enjoyable. I am really looking forward to reading all your wonderful posts in 2014, have a fab day today. Big 2014 hugs to you. Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Happy new Year to you, looks like you all had a great evening. Myself and my boyfriend went to a small gathering at a friends hose to see the new year in which was very good company, music and chatting through the night with a glass or two to wash it all down with.

  8. Happy New Year wishing you every success in 2014 x

  9. Lol, I was thinking blimey, camping, in the UK,!!!!!!!!! and then suddenly realised you' re on the other side of the world!!!!!
    Happy New Year.
    CN x

  10. Happy New Year! It was a quiet one for us, a quiet evening at home x

  11. Happy New Years Julie!!! Your spontaneous 'New Year' party sounds just perfect... xx

  12. Wishing you a very happy New Year.

  13. Happy New Year! I'm loving the blanket your working on looking forward to seeing it done x


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