Monday, November 25, 2013

weekly stills....

1. A bit of car hooky, still working on my decorations for Christmas....

2. Jesse and his lovely girlfriend at their Valedictory dinner, school is all finished for them now, exciting to see what the next stage of their lives hold.

3. Wedding cupcakes at my sister in laws wedding....yum

4. + 5. Us at the wedding, such a lovely day!  

6. I bought local cherries for the first time this season the other day, summer is almost here!

7. I received this gorgeous book for my birthday last week from my friend, have to show you all a bit more from this in another post.

8. Sweet pea season in the garden, such a beautiful scent, I always feel rich when I can pick a big bunch of blooms from the garden.

What have you been up to this week?

Joining in with Em at the Beetle Shack today


  1. Morning Jules
    What lovely pictures, and what a gorgeous photos of you and your hubby and your gorgeous boys ! Love the little Jules creation in your hair.
    It seems so strange that you have sweet peas and cherries and are itching for your summer to arrive, here we are well and truly into autumn with a very cold nip in the air.
    Have a lovely week,
    Kate x

  2. Thanks so much for joining in, it's absolutely lovely to have you.

    That Vintage Home book looks wonderful, I must look it up

    xo em

  3. Love the sweet pea season...I can almost smell them from here

  4. Oh how I love looking at your sweet peas! Winter is just starting here and how I long for your weather as I am not at all liking thawing the dog's water every morning. The flower Christmas decoration is awesome, I hope you'll have time to post the pattern ;)

  5. Lovely pictures. Is that crochet in your hair? :)

  6. What lovely stills. Love the crochet flowers in your hair. Nice family.. Sweet peas.... Be still my heart! xxoo. JO

  7. You are just adorable. So glad to see you with your lovely smile and good looking husband having fun together. What yarn and color is that bright red that is in your crochet bag in the car that you are making the holiday decoration with?

  8. Those cakes are beautiful! I love how the icing has been piped. Thankyou for sharing with us :) Sophie xx

  9. Love your photos. Can I be cheeky and ask for the pattern for the flowers in the first picture. They look lovely, more defined petals than the ones I do. Many thanks.

  10. Looking gorgeous Jules!!! I love the picture of you and your husband - you look totally different to what I had pictured... :)


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