Saturday, November 16, 2013

CAL update #11 - The edge!

Well, I have come to the end of my CAL, it's been a big project and taken longer than I expected, but it feels great to finally complete this second mixed stripy blanket.

All we have left to do is edge the blanket.  You can choose to edge it with whatever border you like, I have chosen something very simple and plain as I think there is plenty going on in this blanket already! :)

I chose to use flamingo for the edge, just because I still had a big ball left.  I couldn't face weaving in all those ends so I have made a casing edge that encloses all the ends without having to weave them in.  Lazy, I know, but I am happy with how it looks and it's chunkiness makes the blanket nice and sturdy.

I used a hook one size smaller so it wouldn't be too loose (3.00mm)
So anyway, in the edge colour, crochet a row of dcs down the side of the blanket, spacing your stitches as evenly as possible.  Push all ends to the back and crochet around them.
After the first row, turn and do a row of dcs back along the previous row.
Do this twice more so you have 4 rows of dc in total.
Do the same thing along the other side.

Next, simply fold the edge over and with a needle and wool, and stitch the top dc to the loops of the first row of dcs, where they attach to the side of the blanket.  Put the loose ends to the inside of the fold and they are enclosed as you sew.

And that is it!

This is the second time I have made the edge and I love how easy it is!

So that is the end of the CAL, I hope you enjoyed making this blanket if you have taken part,  Now that the instructions are finished, they will be there for anyone to have a go at whenever they want.

I've got a little tadah tomorrow to show you how it looks all completed.

Have a great day! 


  1. It's looks great!! Well done on finishing it!! Xo

  2. What a great cheat! Even with the few bits and bods I've been making so far the ends have been driving me bonkers as I hate untidiness AND having to sew in to finish off. I'd never thought of this for a bigger edged item, it looks like this will make a nice chunky edge to the blanket too. Kudos!

  3. Can't wait for the ta-dah, such a clever idea to add a casing for all your ends - quite brilliant ! I made a blanket will a roll edge earlier this year because I love the look of a chunky edge but it never occurred to me to hide all my ends in it.
    As always you are an inspiration Jules !
    Kate x

  4. I can only echo what the others have said. I'm half way through a king size blanket with a colour change every two rows. The ends that I have sewn in so far (only about eight!) seem to make the blanket a bit chunkier on that side - this technique will not only help with the sewing in nightmare but also the finished drape. Thank you! Jane x

  5. I have never heard of an edging like that! I LOVE it! I just finished a granny stripe with 20 different colors - two rows per color - loads of stripes - and LOADS of ends that I had to weave in at the end. Wish I knew about this edging 10 days ago! THANKS!

  6. That's such a cool finishing tip. Please let us see a picture of the entire blanket :)

  7. Hah! Great idea for the edging. I'm also not looking forward to weaving in all the ends. Got to remember this one!

  8. An amazing blanket, awesome colours and patterns something I would love to achieve, this can be my master project, and such a great idea for the edging, my daughters little striped granny blanket keeps having the ends appearing, I think it's now time to do one of your clever edges and add to it. Thanks for such a lovely blog. P.s. Currently making loads of diamonds to make your wonderful stuffed stars, love them : )

  9. I will be tuning in tomorrow. What a great edge for a blanket. So clever and efficient. Jo x

  10. Your woolen quilt is amazing.
    Just read your previous post as well: your boy with the potatoes looks very charming.

  11. Love the edge idea...beautiful colours

  12. I just LOVE these blankets of yours. They are so gorgeous. I would really like to give it a go but never had the drive to start but since the pattern is all ready then perhaps this is a good "big" project to work on throughout the winter.

    Congrats on finishing it and I will be back tomorrow to see the final Tah-Dah.


  13. Don't sell yourself short, your edging is brilliant, what U came up w/is ingenious. Your work is beautiful & so inspiring.


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