Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Windy day softie making

Today I have been finishing off this red rabbit softie, the weather has been horrible with severe winds and rain on and off all day, so a good excuse to sit down and do a bit of crafting.  
(I always forget how windy Spring is, it surprises me every year!)

This poor softie has been sitting in a pile of pieces for a couple of years, 
so it was high time I got him Finished Off!
I really need to work on my embroidery skills, a bit rough I think! 

I made this using the basic pattern from my kitty cat, with a modification to ears to make them more rabbity.  I had forgotten how much I like making toys, they are fun to make and I am glad I have another finished project to tick off my list.

.......here he is sitting with his softie mates, cat and pig, nice cheery peeps!

I have used Heirloom Colorworks , Heirloom Babywool 8ply and Loyal DK for these toys, they have such lovely vibrant colours to choose from, and make very soft, cosy toys.  
(As well as the blanket behind them!)

What have you been up to today?  
Has it been windy where you are?  
I think we have more wind coming our way tomorrow here in Melbourne, so hang onto your hats!


  1. Hi Jules, I love your softies. Do you have a pattern? The colors are the best!

  2. Hi again, Jules, I found your cat pattern, sorry I didn't look first. But anyway, I love all your wooly makes.
    Thanks, xoRobin

  3. Lovely soft toys and gorgeous colours! I must say l love the colours you use in your crafting. Here it has been chilly and sunny today, Autumn at it's best. The snowsticks have all been put up but l hope the white stuff stayes away until December. Pam

  4. Really lovely softies, I like the colors!!

  5. Love the one with the granny square tum. It is always good to finish things off. Jo x

  6. this is wonderful! so great to find you! x

  7. OMG, they're incredible ! What a beautiful blog !

  8. Haven't we had some weather! Gives us a perfect excuse for staying indoors! Your crochet kitty cat is too cute!! And what a happy family of critters you have there!

  9. I love your blog it's one of my favs. I saved the kitty pattern but it's just the first part, how do you complete the rest? Or maybe I'm just missing something. Would you help? Thanks.

  10. We are opposite seasons of you here in Pennsylvania USA ... we are at the beginning of fall. After homeschooling my children and doing housework, we headed outside on a beautiful fall day to pick apples from our trees ... we are pressing to make cider tomorrow. I did do a little crocheting while my 2nd grade son read to me ... pot scrubbies (do you know what these are?) to take to Peru with us on our mission trip in a few weeks. beingamommyrocks@yahoo.com www.handmadelovebyangie.blogspot.com

  11. Lovely softies :D Don't get hung up on your embroidery, perfection is often less interesting!

    In England its been grey and rainy (well, in North Devon it has). I'm not fond of Autumn, but it gives a good excuse to stay inside and make something :)

  12. Gorgeous makes but I think you are far to hard on yourself, your embroidery skills are very good!
    I wish it was Spring here too - sadly we are going into winter :((

    Keryn :)

  13. I agree the colours are wonderfully vibrant, cute huggable toys ... I just love them. It has been raining here in the UK, we are in Autumn (Fall) at the moment. Miserable wet weather, so I too have an excuse to stay indoors and get some crafting done. My new project is a baby sweater x

  14. davvero simpatico e bello il tuo lavoro!!!!


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