Thursday, October 24, 2013

small making days.....

There hasn't been a whole lot of making around here lately, just a few rows here and there when I get a chance.  I have gathered a bit of a crafty collection on the arm of the couch, so I can catch a nice burst of colour every time I glance over there, and I can pick it up and put it down again without cleaning up properly!   I think I will be able to make a few more washers, but then I will be out of colourful cottons, so I might try and source some good coloured cottons for my shop and me!  I am also determined to get that big mixed stitch stripey blanket for the CAL finished this coming week, I need to finish it off so I can move onto other things with a clear mind.  

It has been pretty busy here, Jesse has had his last day of high school today, and now has a few weeks of studying and his final exams to complete his Year 12 studies (VCE).  So there has been quite a bit of celebrating and milestones being passed.  Making me feel quite sentimental too!  My first baby is almost grown up now and it feels too soon, but it is exciting too and I just love the young man he is growing into, I'm looking forward to the next stage of his life,  I'm sure he will be off doing his own thing but we will be cheering from the side lines.

I have also embarked on yet another self improvement plan.  Hopefully the last one I will need. 
 I read this post by Frugal Queen and found it really resonated with me.   ( Thanks Froogs! :)  )  
So a lot of time this week has been spent on exercising. I have to say I am feeling better, 
I had forgotten how good it feels to sweat and work my muscles.  
( I am feeling sooooo sore though!) :)   I had been feeling a bit down and in a rut so this is really helping to lift my mood too, all those endorphins and all that....
I have no excuses now, I just have to get on with it and stick with it until it is just a part of my life.
( I have cut out Diet Coke too, it has been hard, one week down, so far so good! I had a big DC habit!)

Anyway, that's a couple of snippets of my week, it feels like I haven't been reading blogs for a while so I have a bit of catching up to do and see what you guys have been up to as well.

How has your week been? 
Getting any crafty action going?
Done any exercise, do you feel better when you do?

Joining in with Christina's Made By Hand today.


  1. Just finished a crochet baby blanket and I am so happy and proud with it! Hope to post it with pictures tomorrow. And exercises... uh..... no. Should do something, but yes, I do feel better when I exercise. Congrats with the son and enjoy the moments!

  2. Good luck to your son as he travels into this new chapter in his life and good luck to you as you watch and cheer him on. I need to get exercising more, thank you for motivating me.

  3. Hello Jules, I love your colourful cottons and I too leave my project out so I can pick it up and do a row here or a row there. I am currently finishing my set of three baby sweaters. I finished the first one last weekend and the second one was finished last night. The third one is not far off but time is limited during the week for me. I work full time and I get so tired in the evenings when work is full on as it is for me at the moment. However I hope to finish my sweaters this weekend and get more photographs done during daylight.

    I have some annual leave at the beginning of November and I will be recharging my batteries a little and also visiting my daughter and her new baby.

    Well done to you for taking a look at yourself and setting yourself personal goals on cutting out DC and getting exercise and good luck to your son with whatever he chooses to do next. It will be different for you but enjoyable to see that you have raised him to be independent in his new adventure.

    Linda x

  4. We've had a patchy week with the weather so I've been left feeling a little couped up, and not much to show for it craft wise either (I have several projects crammed down the side of my sofa!). A bit of fresh air and exercise would be just the thing. Best of luck to your son with his exams and I love your colourful wash cloths x

  5. Wow, such lovely bright colours! I find that exercise helps with everything, and I find it essential for clearing my head. Well done on cutting the diet coke out. I know how you feel.....when I was a full time scientists I lived on pepsi max and crisps- really not a good mix! Have a great weekend! x

  6. Love your colourful bits and pieces!! Do like my exercise, maybe not at the time, but afterwards, especially after gym. I'd be the size of a house if I didn't!! Mine's a chocolate fetish!

  7. Love your bright and cheery colours. Have just spent a week to-ing and fro-ing with the fires. I evacuated my crochet but was too stressed to actually do anything. At last I am back on track and making again. Been nice to look at your cheery blog in the midst of all the crapiness here in the mountains.

  8. Hey Jules, love those washers, gorgeous colours.........all the best with the SI plan and well done on giving up the DC, I'm sure you'll be feeling the benefit of these changes.
    I need to get exercising too, the couch is just too comfy I'm afraid........hoping to get out into the garden next week and catch up on some weeding etc.......
    Enjoy the weekend.......

    Claire x

  9. Last night I had a go at your tapestry pattern and after four rows it was not lining up, so I frogged it. Am up early this a.m. obsessed with trying again. Haha. So much else I should be doing, but once the challenge is on, I am determined to get it right.

  10. Ahhh exercise! Yes I love what it does for me when I'm doing it my state of mind is so much nicer but kicking up some motivation to do something I'm not fond of or in the habit of doing is another story ... I look forward to seeing what you find in the way of yummy cotton for the shop, I'm a Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton using girl but am ready to branch out a bit in the cottons I think. :)

  11. Hello. I'm a fiber artist and I find all this color amazing. I'm attracted to bright things. I've tried to crochet and can't get the first row correct although I can make the various stitches. I might just have to give it another go. Janice


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