Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly stills.....

1.  My cutting garden has worked.  Flowers galore out there this spring.

2. Cat on a mat.

3. Tussie mussies from the garden, edible posies.

4. Things to get finished, or a least work on again.

5. My dad enjoying a cold one, at our family get together the other day.

6. Andre on the same day.

7. Max on the same day.

8.  Thinking of joining a couple of bloggy wash cloth swaps, any excuse to make a few more of these.

9.  Dragging out some vintage sheets for another swap, looks a bit meagre, think I need to hit the oppys. 

Joining in with this lovely link up today.


  1. I can give you an excuse to make more wash cloths - they're gorgeous! Love the colour choices :)

  2. Your wash cloths are FABULOUS! Wish I could crochet :(

  3. Thanks for popping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment today Jules... :)

    It's so great to see some of your gorgeous tapestry crochet in this post - something that I am now addicted too as well...

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  4. Lovely pictures. You've got some handsome men in your family. :)

  5. i can see you are doing well with harlequin (rhombs) crochet :-)

  6. Hi Jules, you have such a wonderful eye when capturing your world on camera, I wish I had half the skill. Your flowers are looking beautiful and your family get together in the garden looks perfect.

    Brave, bold and beautiful wash cloths, they look fab.

    Say hi to the cat for me, he looks like a perfect poser lol

  7. Nice set of photos...I do enjoy looking at other peoples photograph . Have been looking at making some wash cloths my self, can I ask what type of wool you can use to make crochet wash cloths..... Thanks

    1. Hi Amanda, I have used 100% cotton for my washcloths, this is quite a thin cotton, about 4ply I think, you could use a chunky cotton and make bigger cloths , thanks for stopping by and commenting! J x

    2. Thanks, do you know I have never crochet with cotton yarn befor....!,
      Will get some this week and give it a go... Thanks

  8. such gorgeous colour! how have i missed you in the weekly stills??! x

  9. Beautiful floral sheets for the swap. I'm thrilled to have you involved.
    The cat on the mat is adorable. x


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