Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Yarn Along

I thought I'd join in with Ginny and her Yarn Alongers today, I have been searching my cook books today, trying to plan a dinner party I'm throwing on the weekend.  I'm thinking an Asian shared table, so "Balance and Harmony" by the fab Neil Perry and "Bill's Everyday Asian" by Bill Granger, have been getting a good hard look at!   I have found quite a few yummy things that might make the final cut, but I have to keep in mind that after a couple of bevvies I often lose interest in the meal I have put so much planning into and only cook half the things I intended.  So the more I can do beforehand, the better.  The other option is I don't start drinking until I have cooked the meal, not very social of me!

I am going to make 
pork and prawn pot stickers, 
salt and pepper squid, 
crispy prawn toasts, 
chicken ginger soup,
 black bean braised pork ribs, 
yellow Thai barbecued chicken, 
fried rice with Chinese barbecued pork, 
and Chinese pickled vegetables   
Well that's the plan at the moment anyway.

And on the crafty front, I have been crocheting a few more rows on the mixed stitch stripey blanket. 
I have been letting this blanket slide recently, but I have seen so many lovely blankets that people have finished on Ravelry, I am feeling guilty I haven't updated the crochet along for a while, so it;s time to do another chunk and get it moving again.  I don't think too many people are waiting on my updates, I think most people are just going on their own way and coming up with great results, so I'm glad about that!

What have you been reading lately?


  1. I don't drink until I've cooked - otherwise things get missed, messed up or burnt!

    Good luck, the menu sounds scrummy.

  2. Hi Jules,
    Your blanket is soooo lovely and so inspirational. I wondered for ages if I would be able to do one like it, and then eventually plucked up the courage a couple of months ago - and I am absolutely LOVING it ! It's so addictive isn't it ! Thank you for sharing your lovely ideas.Kate

  3. Enjoy your dinner party - all the food you're planning for your menu sounds delicious. :)

  4. Adventurous but scrumptious menu. Good Luck! I love that blanket. Jo x

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  5. Just read your menu, looks delicious, hope you have an excellent evening;-)

  6. Who cares about what I'm playing with - I'm coming to your place for dinner! :) Hope its not too much work for you, remember to be able to enjoy the time with your guests as well, but.... it does sound wonderful

  7. Hi Jules,Going to be a fab party!!!First eat and then drink my dear!!!You must enjoy the foods of your labour,mustn't you!!!Can't wait to see more of your blanket!!!!Have a great weekend!!!

  8. Just in love with your blog. As far as the dinner are there any invites? LOL! I'm over here at

  9. I love your pretty ideas, and your great blog, thank you very much for this post

  10. Please give us an update of your blanket! Me and my blanket are still waiting! Greetings from the Netherlands:-)


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