Friday, May 3, 2013

Knitting Skinny Scarves.......

Hello.  How's your day going? It has turned windy here and is currently blowing a gale, so it's nice to inside and doing a bit of housey stuff instead of the garden today.  

I have been doing a bit of knitting over the last few weeks, I made a few scarves for my stall, and I have to say it was fun getting out the knitting needles for a change!  

This is my go-to scarf pattern, I really like how it is chunky and a bit skinny too, and it is really springy and soft because of the ribbed pattern.  It also knits up very quickly on big needles!  What do you think of the ruffled edge? Do you prefer a straight edge or something a bit different?

I made these out of some of the wool I bought at the sale at Lincraft, the minty green and grey are a Lincraft brand called Luxe, and it is nice and chunky and very cosy.  It was a bit annoying to use as it had joins in it so I had to make sure I didn't end up with a knot in the middle of a row. 
 But aside from that it was quite nice to use.
 ( My lovely mum sewed all the ends in for me while we sat at the market, thanks mum!) 
 The pale pink was also  Lincraft wool called Merrijig, it is a 10ply wool, so I used 2 threads together to get a chunky weight.  The acid green was a Cleckheaton Country Aran 10ply (a really soft and cosy wool) and I doubled this up too to get a chunkier weight.  I think that one is my favourite, it is extra soft, light and warm and I really like the colour.

They are not overly long scarves, you can wear them doubled up like this to keep the ends out of your way...........

...........or just wrapped around like a normal scarf.......

The pattern is called Misti Chunky Ribs and Ruffles Scarf , by Nancy Kleiber and I highly recommend it!

I'm hoping to get stuck into my garden this weekend, I want to make a cutting garden so I can pick posies for the house in Springtime, I have a heap of bulbs to plant too, and some flower seeds I sowed in the hot house have germinated so I want to get them moving on before they die! Not to mention the vegie seedlings that are waiting to go in the ground, must get onto that!
We are also having a bonfire night at my parents place tomorrow ( if this wind dies down!) which will be fun, I've bought marshmallows in preparation!  My dad goes in for a hip replacement on Monday, so I think he wants to get rid of all the garden waste, prunings and what not, before he is out of action for a few months recuperating and getting used to his new hip.

Anyway, that's about it for now, what are you up to this weekend? 
Busy busy or cruisey?


  1. Hi There,Love the pattern!!!My daughter just read this with me and has ordered 3 scarves already in white black and dark purple!!!So I'll be off to the wool store later this morning!!!Yeah!!!My favourite kind of shopping!!!Have a wonderful weekend in your garden!!!

  2. I love the scarf the minty green ones my favourite
    Clare x

  3. love your scarves!!! Thank you for sharing even the pattern....maybe some gifts for next Christmas?:oD
    I've just posted a simple crochet tutorial : wanna see it ? Please,
    Enjoy the weekend,
    xxxx Ale

  4. Those are very pretty scarves. I really like the colors and the chunkiness. The curly ends are so cute! I'm sure they will be popular items in your booth. I've also had to put off garden work because it has turned cold and rainy here. Maybe next week.

  5. I love these ruffles and all. Jo x

  6. So cute and fluffy... Wish I could wear one of those right now. It's so chilly here! I love the colors too.

  7. Love these . . . and definitely with the ruffly edge. Gives them just the right playfulness to match the lovely colors :)

  8. Love the ruffles...but for me, I'd rather a straight edge. I have been eyeing off that particular pink at Lincraft but didn't know what I could use it for. It makes a pretty scarf! I get annoyed by Lincraft yarns having knots in them too.

  9. muchas felicidades pro tu blog es maravilloso tiene de todo soy tu seguidora. Un saludo

  10. Jules, I just love your blog! Your use of colour is absolutely the best I've seen! (I guess I'm a bit biased because you use my favourite colours!!) Thank you so very much for sharing your "go-to" scarf pattern with your readers; I have been looking & looking for an easy scarf pattern with just that little extra detail that makes it really special (the ruffles!). I am a self-taught beginner at crochet & knitting, but I have the determination to keep with out will come my knitting needles! Thanks again, Lisa from Lake Oswego, Oregon. <3


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