Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mini granny square blanket finished !!

Hello.  It was a beautiful morning here today, the sun was shining and it was a little bit hazy in that Autumn kind of way, it was chilly and crisp, a perfect start to the day.

The morning sun shines brightly on my clothesline, showing my washing in all it's glory, so I thought I'd take as few photos of my mini granny square blanket that I finished last week.  It looks so cheery in the sun.  I ended up doing a random colour placement  for the squares, it was getting too hard to try and organise a random pattern, so I just tried not to have the same colours right next to each other, although I can see I failed in a few spots. 
I am so glad I darned the ends in as I went, it made sewing the squares together much easier, and once it was sewn up it was finished, without a heap of ends to tidy up.

Sooooo...... a few blanket facts for you, 

* 14 rows of 11 squares =151 squares all together!

* Simple 2 round granny square pattern with a 3 round of sc to each square. 4mm hook.

*Colours used : 12 colours, Heirloom Colorworks 8ply and Baby wool 8ply, 
1-2 balls of each colour
pale pink
dark pink
bright red
pale blue 
mid blue
light aqua
extra red for the border ( 3 rows of sc, very simple)

* Not a very big blanket (sorry, I haven't measured it!), maybe cot sized, or a knee rug.

Ummm...that's all I can think of at the moment!

I am very happy with this little blanket, it makes me smile, and the fact that it is actually completed is an added bonus!  (Finally something to tick off my to do list!)

Hope you have a nice sunny day where you are too!


  1. Lovely colorful blankie! Congrats on accomplishing it :) Have a shiny day too! Anna

  2. I love your blanket it looks amazing. Beautiful colours. I am currently making my first crochet blanket and you have spurred me on to get going with it again!

  3. Beautiful blanket in the morning Sun lovely colours :)

  4. makes me laugh to think that from you is autumn .. here in Italy is spring and starts to get hot after a cold winter and an autumn full of rain .. your blanket is really nice but small .. and is a great starting point for many other blankets for your next winter

  5. aww it's lovely, fab colours.

    Clare x

  6. Hi There, A job well done!!! It is beautiful!!! It does look glorious out in the sun!!! Love the colors!!! Have a happy crafty week!!!

  7. lovely just in time for winter, sunny brights for cold winter days

  8. Monique took the word right out of my mouth! I was thinking the same thing..a lovely bright rug to cheer up those dull winter days.

  9. It's very nice. Lots of pretty colors to brighten up anyone's day. :)

  10. Wow! That is just lovely! Congratulations on finishing it up. I am itching to tackle a granny square blanket (first one ever) but just can't decide on colors and a square pattern. Your colors are quite inspiring!
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. Fabulous what a great way to showcase your yarn collection. I love it! Jo x


  12. I love this blanket and its colors!

  13. Beautiful granny blanket! So weird to hear you say Autumn morning! It's Spring here in the USA and we are rejoicing over some warm( 50-60 degree days) after a very COLD winter I am so ready!!! Ordering my tomato plants today! :)

  14. Absolutely beatutiful as always! :))

  15. Hi love the skinny scarf younare knitting could you tell us where you got the pattern ? I would love to make a few of them for Christmas. Thank you Nancy

  16. I forgot to mention to you love love the blanket you finished I like random colors brightens my day! Cheers!

  17. Julie, Another Stunning Blanket! The colours are so pretty and I love the size of the squares. Lots of ends to tie in?!!!

  18. I am your newest follower.. What a truly beautiful bright and colorful Mini Granny Blanket... Hugs Judy

  19. Is there any place where you have actual patterns written out?


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