Monday, March 25, 2013

12/52 year of happy

Four things from my week that made me happy:

1. Spending some time (ok, a lot of time!) weaving in the ends of my little granny squares. I am making sure I have a darning session whenever I get about thirty squares made. So far so good!

2. Seeing all the piles of squares growing and looking nice and tidy without their loose threads! 

3. Still picking tomatoes. Yay! 
Summer lingers on, and with a warm week predicted, 
I think we may get one last swim before the cool weather begins.

4. Easter egg time. I buy the little solid eggs because I like to have a big bowlful of eggs in the middle of the coffee table as a treat for the boys, but who am I kidding? 
 I buy them for me!  I love the bowl of gorgeous colour and
 I am partial to a chocolate hit every now and again :)

Hope you have had a happy week too!


  1. Must say I'm partial to a chocolate hit every now and again too!! Are those ends driving you crazy?!!

  2. Your grannies look fab all waiting patiently for the next stage. Here in the UK winter lingers on - much of the country had snow yesterday:( Still when it's cold it's good to stay in and be crafty:) x

  3. Hi, What lovely things!! Love everything about it!!! And your tomatoes are just the right size to pop on your mouth as are the chocolate eggs!!!!! Can't wait to see the finished Granny item!!! Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!!!!!

  4. It seems like a great week ... Pretty and filled with colors.

  5. Squares look great. On a blog called Attic24 she shows how to crochet in the ends as you go - it transformed by crochet life, check it out. Good to see such woollie progress!! Jo x

  6. nothing beats a stack of granny squares - beats chocolate anyday x

  7. Wow, that pile of granny squares is certainly growing Julie........I think every time you stop to sew the ends in you should also have a chocolate egg for energy.
    My giveaway parcel arrived today thankyou.....much excitement, the wool is so soft and I love the colours...♥♥♥
    Enjoy your last swim of the season it's going to be cool come the end of the week.

    Claire :}

  8. Oh, I love those stacks of granny squares! And the bowl of tomatoes. We're in the midst of a spring snow storm here in the northeast of U.S., so those tomatoes look even more lovely than they usually would.

  9. Great happy things. Love the gorgeous granny squares.
    M xxx

  10. the mini granny squares...they bring such joy. Kudos for trimming them as you go...

  11. Those colours are gorgeous! I just bought some chocolate today for Easter, I'm going to try to keep them put away until Sunday, if I kept any out I'd eat them all

  12. Chocolate and Granny Squares what more could you want :0) I'm still working on getting my crochet Springtime wreath ready in time for Easter, times running out eek. Enjoy the chocloate.


  13. Lovely zingy squares Jules :-)

  14. So many yummy things Jules, but I think the square beat even the chocolate! Thanks for the recommendation for 500 blocks - mine arrived Saturday and I love it. I have to try the crocodile block!!


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