Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yarn Along, Blanket

I am joining in with Ginny and the Yarn Along ladies today.

So, I have brought out my crochet along blanket for the first time in weeks, so slack of me!  I have been busy with the star stitch blanket, so this one has taken a back seat, and I also had hit a point where I couldn't decide on what colour to use next.  I 'm hoping to add another 10 or so rows then do another update, although I am sure anyone making this with me must be fed up with waiting and got on with their own pattern.  

I have just added a dark blue stripe, and I think it gives it a lift, there are a lot of mid tone colours in this blanket!

I have been looking at  Lucinda Guy's Northern Knits Gifts this week, and found a few lovely things to add to my to do list........

.........this cardigan, I am planning to be the queen of the frock and cardi combo this winter, and want to knit a couple of cute ones for myself.  This is quite a big ask as I've never knit anything to wear myself.

........I love this knitted doll!  I can see a few of these with different coloured dresses and hair styles making their way into my knitting this winter.......

.......and this chicken door stop.  I love it, although I think the colour work in the body might be a tad beyond my skill level!

So there you have it, no fiction for this week, I'm still trying to choose something to read and haven't had a chance to look up some recommended books,  Maybe tomorrow I'll do that.

What are you reading and making?

Have a lovely day!

PS If you would like to enter my yarny give away there is still plenty of time!  Please do!
The post is here.


  1. Your blanket is looking great Jules! And that book looks lovely - might have to see if the library has it :-)

    Sarah xo

  2. I'm not crocheting along, but I'm just gasping at the WIP pictures of your blanket! I really like the idea of this, maybe gotta give it a try when I've got less WIPs on my own hands :)

  3. I love this blanket.. I am glad your going slow..This is on my list of things to do.

  4. One of the books I recommend to people more than any other is Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole.

    It's really unusual, as is the story of the writer (which you'll probably find in the preface).

    (I've already opted into your giveaway. :) )


  5. I love the colours in your blanket - I'm sure if you can do that the mixed colours in the door stop will be a doddle for you x Jane

  6. Lovely blanket, the design, the it :)

    Lluisa x

  7. Yay! So glad you are returning to the mixed stripes...although I totally understand focusing on other projects. I'm doing the CAL, and forged ahead. It's such a great project, and your work is an inspiration. How big are you planning to make it? Mine is getting huge...(about 7 1/2 feet wide and 4 1/2 feet long or 2.3 meters wide and 1.4 meters long) and it is HEAVY. And yes, I totally put the measurements into a conversion program on the internet. :) Thanks so much for posting your work and letting us join in!

  8. That blanket is gorgeous. I am fairly new to your blog is there a pattern available?
    Thanks. :)

  9. Wow I love your blanket the colours are just beautiful. Such hooky goodness :0)

  10. Your blanket is truly wonderful. Such gorgeous colours and a variety of different stitches. Every time I see your progress, it makes me want to start one. I need to finish my current WIPs first though ;)

  11. Julie, that chicken is wonderful and it is in no way out of your skill level. With all the videos etc. on Youtube you most certainly could do it. Have you seen the Egyptian socks Alison knitted over at Tweed Delights? Check them out, for a beginner sock knitter she has excelled, they are amazing.
    Love that darling little doll too, gorgeous vintage colours they used for her.
    Your blanket is looking great, you're on the home run now.......
    Been getting some rain here, but a couple of days of steading soaking rain would really be nice.....

    Claire :}

  12. What a beautiful blanket, i am eager to learn to crochet, x

  13. Love the colours in your blanket. The different row designs make it very interesting.
    Lots of inspiration in the book.

  14. I love your blanket; so different! You found some great projects; I look forward to seeing them completed :-)

  15. I've just finished a chick lit book called The Time of my Life by Cecelia Ahearn, it's quite thought provoking actually and not what you might think when you see chick lit, which is a genre that can often put people off...

  16. oh my goodness your blanket is so pretty! and thank you so much for sharing lucindas book, i hadn't seen it and i love everything you've shown. that is not complicated colorwork, you can most defintly do it! i'm visiting through yarnalong, happy crochet/knitting!

  17. I have that very same chicken doorstop bookmarked for "maybe someday", lol. It just looks so sweet and homey. Have a good day!

  18. Your blanket is coming along beautifully and I'm so Impressed you are doing 2 blankets simultaneously!! I also really love that chicken door stop in the book - I think it would make a really gorgeous pillow. Mel x

  19. Hi, Really love your blanket!! What a good idea!! You should write a tutorial for this blanket, I am sure it will be very popular!!!

  20. I *hear* what you're saying Julie about the crochet-along-blanket, but what's that I spy on the arm of your couch?!!!

  21. hi there,
    I'm still following your crochet along. I still have to do the last two colours of your previous post so you are not going to slow for me! I'm still working on the stripey mixed stitch blanket with a lot of pleasure!
    Thank you!
    I'm also enjoying your gardening post. The climate here is the opposite so here everything is just beginning to grow.

  22. Love the blanket! It's my next thing. Read the history of love by Nicole krauss. Best book ever.


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