Friday, January 25, 2013

Summer days....

So, what's been happening at your place?

We have been enjoying some lovely warm days and evenings here, and making the most of the late sunsets.  I hear it is freezing in the Northern Hemisphere, very hard to imagine with the heat we are having, I hope everyone is staying warm and dry!

Max got a new game for Christmas called Finska, it is a Scandinavian game I think, a bit like bowls and bocci, you play it outside and lots of people can play, and you can pick up the rules in about 2 minutes. It is easy, fun and good for all ages

I was looking for something a bit old school for Max, as we have a very techno focused house and the boys spend a lot of time playing Xbox and the like, so this game was something a bit different.

I have to say it has been a big hit!  We have been having games of Finska after dinner, and it has been a great family time.  The game is surprisingly compelling, easy to play, yet taking some skill to be good at, so it is feeding our competitive spirits, and the boys are getting into the challenge. ( So am I, my boys have to play well to beat me, I am discovering that I am quite competitive!! lol)  We have also taken it to the park and played it with friends in teams, which was fun too.

Have you heard of this game? I always like it when I find something new to me that is a hit in our house, often Christmas presents are 5 minute wonders.

...the chickens like that we are outside in the evenings at the moment, they have found a new spot to keep an eye on the action.  (and just to prove that I 'keep it real' on this blog, check out the amount of crap we have in this part of the garden, it's my 'dump everything that I don't want to look at' area.  Must clean it up one day!)

The Summer holidays are nearly over (sob), the boys are starting school next Wednesday, so things will be back to a routine, so I am trying to soak up the last few days of non-routine, I really like no routine!

We are spending a lot of time at the beach and my parents place ( who have a pool that is lovely on windy days), so plenty of reading and relaxing going on, not so much crochet and crafting.  I am trying to write down ideas for things I want to make this year, to get more organised and be more productive and less procrastinate-y.  I'll see how well that works out for me!

Hope you are enjoying the last days of school holidays if you're in Australia and have school age kids!
If you live somewhere else, I hope life is just as good for you too!  :)

Talk soon, see you later!

PS.  Happy Australia Day for tomorrow!


  1. Nice to see you are enjoying good weather, overhere we have now for 2 weeks snow and freezing...brrr... bye bye from the Netherlands

  2. I love the days with no routine as well. I find I am more relaxed and play and joke more with the family when there is no pressure. And a least your crap is contained in one spot not spread here, there and everywhere like ours!

  3. I love no routine, but my eldest girl starts kinder this year so now routine is going to affect the whole family. I don't like it, not at all! :)
    xXx Helen

  4. Oh wow! I never thought I'd see Mölkky game in an Australian blog. :-o Mölkky is from Finland and here it's one of the most popular games in summer time. I don't know why it was named Finska which is Finnish language in Swedish. I guess it's easier so pronounce than Mölkky.
    Here's more information about it:ölkky

    Greetings from Finland

  5. Hi there, I just love your beautiful blog - you are very talented! I loved your knitted "pippi" scarf you posted a while back and was inspired to make a similar one of my own using my favourite colours. I would like to show this on my blog and credit you and of course mention your lovely blog. Would that be okay? I wanted to seek your permission first. Thank you.
    M xxxx

  6. Hi Jules!:)

    Here in the midle of the Atlantic Ocean (Azores), it´s a horrible weather! I´m sick of all this rain... Arghh...
    I´ll probably move to Australia next year, so i feel so curious about all the things you post about a country so far away from mine!...

    X Filipa Farrôpo

  7. Great to find such a fun game Julie and so good that the whole family is involved......
    It sounds like you've had a lovely time over the holidays, it's always a shame when they com to an end.
    It seems like such a long time at the start of the hols and then before you know it .....

    Have a great weekend and all the best for the start of the new school year.

    Claire :}

  8. It is really odd thinking of you lot down under with you record high temperature, and us with the snow.

    Sounds like you've been having lovely holidays.

  9. I'm a fan of any game that a family can ply together. And of course get the kids away from the xbox!! I have to time limit ours otherwise they will turn into zombies.

  10. ahhhh good crap tho!! I have used it many a time...burned things up with it too!!

  11. It's always so funny reading about the summer in Oz and NZ when I can see snow outside and icicles outside!

    Lovely to see someone's having some sunny days. Our time will come. :-)

  12. Looks a great fun game to play especially in the warm summer, we are in the wet, cold and little bit frozen winter still so indoor games for us. We used to make up games to play with our boys when they were younger but that game looks right up our street!

  13. Heat? Sun? In fact it is snowing and cold here in Germany.
    Finska is actually a finnish game called Mölkky – I am half-finnish, so I now that for sure. Keep on playing! :-)



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