Thursday, January 3, 2013

Summer Crochet....Name Bunting

Hello there!

It has been a very hot day here, so the boys and I went to visit some family on Phillip Island, about an hour away from here.  We spent a very pleasant morning on the beach, the water was really nice and refreshing and we had fun catching waves and generally frolicking around.  Then we had a sun bake, some lazy reading and chatting on the beach, catching up with my cousins who I don't see very often, a lovely day indeed.  I was going to take some photos of our day, but when I went to use my camera I found the card thingy was missing. Doh!

So instead I am showing you pictures of some name bunting that I made for my nieces, supposedly for Christmas, but actually  finished a few days late.
The pattern was based loosely on the one in Granny Chic by dottie angel, although I had to make it a fair bit bigger and I added the scalloped edging for a bit more colour. 
(You can never have too much colour!)  :)

The colours look quite different inside.
I am pretty pleased with these little banners, I think they will look really cute and vintagey on the girls' doors.  

 I am also doing quite well with my big blanket progress, so hope to have an update for you later in the week.  I am very sorry for the slow progress of updates for my CAL, hopefully you ladies who have stuck it out are not too upset with me and have other projects to go to in the mean time, or better still are making it up as you go along, kind of like what I do!  Anyway, I am trying to get a fair bit done over the next few nights, we are in for a couple of scorcher days and nights, so I think I will try and get some crochet done when it's too hot to sleep.

Till next time, 
Bye Bye!


  1. Great way to keep cool Julie, sounds like the perfect day......
    Love the crochet, name bunting.....looks great.
    Hope you manage to stay cool over the weekend.

    Clair e:}

  2. I love the bunting and I am looking forward to see the update!

  3. those buntings are very, very pretty :)

  4. So precious and you did a good job on the letters!

  5. My CAL blanket got put away in October to make way for Christmas crafting, it has been back out for just over a week and I have nearly caught up with you! Or at least where you were before! I am still loving it loads!

  6. I am glad your going slow on the CAL I need to finish up something else so I need to play catch up! Love this bunting!

  7. I like these buntings - very nice. :)

  8. these are lovely! what a great idea for a baby's room.
    As always I love your colors.

  9. I'm loving the bunting! My tiny triangle pile of bunting is growing - to the tying in ends and blocking stage tonight...argh. My crochet of big blankets is always interspersed with smaller projects. Too many things on the go at one time! Heather x

  10. I have a friend who's emigrated and lives in Melbourne; she's saying it's going to be 43 deg tomorrow, maybe that's where you are too? Can't recall where Philip Is. is but think I'm right. Too lazy to google it, isn't that SHOCKING?!!!

  11. Lovely bunting & the edging is a very nice touch, worth the extra few days wait I'm sure :) Happy New Year! x

  12. Beautiful bunting! I'm going to have to learn to crochet sometime this year!

  13. love! i need to do this! my little sisters would love this!

    thanks for sharing!

  14. I love bunting and love the colours you've used - what great gifts!

  15. Love your bunting! I sure would be happy with a gift such as that!

    Love, Kirsten

  16. What pretty bunting, the girls must be thrilled :-) Your day at the beach sounds fabulous, our beaches are full of snow and ice at the moment :-). Happy weekend from Pam

  17. Great job on the banners Jules, very productive of you. It's hot here (Southern Highlands) today, for the second day in a row, which has been unusual around here lately. Off down to Milton today to spend the night in a lovely little B & B for my birthday.

    Have a great year


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