Thursday, January 31, 2013

life today....

Well everyone is back at school/work and life returns to familiar routines.  

The new high school kid seems to have taken it all in his stride and has reported no problems, so that's a good thing.  The older two are back in the swing of things too.

 I have been trying to enthuse my eldest son who is starting year 12 (final year of school), but have come to the realisation that he is just going to have to find motivation to do well himself.  I have to step back and let him create his own priorities, I am sure it will all work out in the end.

My middle son is starting year 9, and the school are trying a new program one day a week this year, to try and address the lack of engagement the kids show at this point in their teenage years.  He is actually quite excited about it, they are going rock climbing tomorrow, so I think they might be onto a winner, I hope it generates the kids interest and they get more out of the year.

I have decided that I am going to do a nice long walk each morning as soon as the boys leave for school, I have some serious weight to lose and I feel that this year is make or break!  
I started yesterday, and did one today as well, and now I can hardly move!  I can feel all the muscles in my legs and bum, and they are not happy!  
I think it will take a week to get to the point where I am not sore, so I am persevering.  I didn't realise how unfit I had become, it is quite confronting!  I have found a good app on my phone , nike +running, that gives you lots of stats and info to keep it interesting, and it maps the routes you take and measures how far you have gone and your speed and all that kind of thing.  I am not at the running stage yet, but I think it should help me stay motivated.

I have also been playing around with this cute motif, using my Annell cottons that I bought from The Yvestown Shop online.  This is the same motif I started making my summer tablecloth with, but these have turned out a bit bigger, so I will have to start a new one using just this yarn.  The pattern for this motif is from one of those cute Japanese crochet books, but I am sorry, I have no idea what it is called.

These colours are a lot warmer than I usually use, but I think it will look good when I get a few other colours into the mix.  I think I will join this as I go otherwise it could be a bit tedious sewing it all together.
I am also hooking away at my star stitch blanket and am over half way think! Yay!  Hoping to get that finished in a few weeks, quicker maybe if I can not feel guilty about crocheting during the day.

We are off to a family dinner at our local Chinese tonight to celebrate our eldest turning 17 today, Happy Birthday Jess, those years have flown!!

What are you up to at the moment? 
Are you fit and into exercise?
Hope you are all doing things that make you happy, life is really too short to do anything else isn't it?

See ya!


  1. Your motifs look great! They're really pretty!
    Sarah xx

  2. Happy birthday to your son! I'm trying to become fit as well by running. But after the first time I did it, it started to snow and everything was white and slippery for 3 weeks. So now I'm trying to pick it up again!

    Love, Kirsten

  3. I love your motifs and the colours you have chosen. Hope your son has a great birthday.
    M xxx

  4. Happy birthday to your son! Have a lovely celebration!
    I'm sure that your table runner will come out beautiful, judging by the colors and teh pattern. So looking forward to see the result:)
    I'm up to to one small and one big project now. One is a toy, another one is my first granny blanket:) let's see, I'm done only with 16 squares so far, but it's fun to make them!
    Have a nice day and take care!

  5. Motifs are lovely! Trying to lose a bit of weight here. Think I've become too comfy in a chair doing my crochet with my tea and biscuits. So also trying to walk more - walking kids to school some days which is a mile there and then do a fast mile back. However weather has stopped that for a bit. But after the initial pain in those muscles I do notice a difference to fitness. Maybe I'll get up to running the mile back in the spring?....I'll check out that app thanks. Heather x

  6. I was in Hastings today and noticed that they had a walk/bike path along the foreshore which looked like it might be nice to explore. Have you been? I need to do more exercise too, but I come with 3 little attachments, so whatever I do they do too!

    Your cotton looks really lovely, I must do a search for Yvestown. I recently bought some cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills and I am not 100% happy with it, in fact I'm a bit disappointed.

    xXx Helen

  7. oooh, I know exactly how you feel about the weight gain. I too feel it's make or break time. I either try and fit back in my old clothes which I love, or just carry onbuying larger ones which I'm not so keen on. I started gaining 4 years ago when my life changed, and when the boys were old enough to walk themselves to school, then the back went and that made me far less able to do all my cycling to work....and so on.I'm very much struggling with it all, and how on earth is time found for work, looking after kids and a home,creating and exercise????
    really liking the orangeand pink together on the new project :-)

  8. I like the colours of summer you have chosen. I remember my boys at high school, college, it's a challenging time for them but I just trusted them to get on with it, I knew they were bright and I thought let them get on with, just show an interest in their projects and they all did fine (not that I wasn't worried about them) But I thought if I don't show it they wont feel too bad. They had opportunities to go to uni and one decided to go and one didn't as long as they're happy that's what matters, They get so stresses as it is.

    Weight mm I also decided to go for it this week (I don't like the pressure of NYD resolutions they don't work for me. Your app sounds wonderful. I have started by just walking a mile with my hubby & dogs, this is very hard going but I am determined to keep it up and extend it as well as speed it up. Running is out of the question. Have a lovely week Dxx

  9. Weight loss Bible: Sweet Poison plus any activity you love (well, any that involves more movement than simply crochet!!!!) Lovely crochet, as always.

  10. So nice to read your musings - so much of our life is the same, we just don't know it. Thanks for your wisdom on all things and for sharing truth and beauty.

  11. Sounds like a v happy day!

    I really really want the book with the bucket on the chair, where did you buy it Jules?

    Endomondo is a good app too.

  12. Good luck to your eldest son in his VCE year. It can be a tough year but hopefully he will find a good balance between study and enjoying life.
    Walking is such a great way to get fit. I think if we view walking and exercise as a health benefit rather than just for weight loss purposes we are probably more likely to keep it up.
    Good luck and enjoy.
    Anne xx

  13. I'm doing lots of things that make me happy, but I'm also very out of shape and need to walk every day. Thanks for the incentive.

  14. If your legs hurt now, you should give them 1 day to heal before doing it again. Pushing too much and keeping your muscles sore is not good for them :)

    Love the motifs!!!!

  15. Oh, I want a summer tablecloth like this!

  16. You're quite right Jules, you have to let them work it out themselves, it seems to be impossible to make them get it together in year 12 if they don't want to - I know, I tried.....

    Im liking the Japanes motifs. I did something similar sometime back, but didnt get around to doing anything with them. What will you do with yours?


  17. Hi Jules love those crochet motifs, so delicate, perfect for Spring. On the fitness front I really need to get fit too I haven't managed to get outside for ages, I miss it. I rode my bike in a bit of a hurry last weekend OMG I could hardly breath! So I shall take a leaf out of your book and get myself into gear and get MOVING!
    All my gang are past the school trauma age (thank goodness) I've found that the boys get motivated once they can see a purpose to what they are doing so don't worry all will work out well.


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