Friday, January 18, 2013

Daisy bobble balls

I thought I'd show you what I have been making this week.  I have been quite productive these holidays, it's been good!!  
Remember I was making those cute hexagon daisy motifs last week?  
Well, this is what I  have made them into, 3 little soft, colourful balls. 
Do you think little people would like to play with these?  
I know they are a bit of an old school toy, but I thought babies might respond to the colour and the textured soft surface of the ball.
Apologies for the overkill of photos, but I got a bit caught up in all the happy colourful possibilities of these pictures and thought I'd just whack them up here anyway.

I have to admit I do like these!  Even if they are a totally useless, there is something about the 
bobbley-ness and patchwork effect that I really like, I keep having to touch them and throw them around a bit.  Toy making is fun!  Who knows, I might even make a heap more and have a big basket of daisy balls to play with, I think they'd look good hanging from the ceiling too, maybe a mobile....hmmm.... plenty of ideas....

I hope these brighten your day like they have mine! 
What have you been making lately?

Heres another link to Karen's ace pattern for the daisy hexagon motif, just because it is so good!


  1. These are wonderful Jules! Thanks for sharing them. I'd love to make a whole bunch of them to put in a basket to play with too. :-D They're great decorations and would make perfect gifts for babies as well, you could pop a little bell inside them to create a rattle. I've been dabbling in too many things and not accomplishing much! Have a great weekend! Mel x

  2. Son hermosas...muy llamativas para niños pequeños!
    Me encantan!!
    También me gustarían con cascabeles!!

  3. Very nice! Did you put a bell or something inside??

  4. They would look cool in a basket on the coffee table....conversations starters..

    Have a happy one!!

  5. So cute. You could fill a little pool with them for little kids.


  6. Ha ha ha! Both me and a friend made these last week (sans bobbles) to use as pincushion :-)
    I do like the bobbles on yours. Didn't you find it fiddlesome to assemble? I was, however, my first attempt at hexagons.

  7. beautiful!!!
    thank you for sharing, Happy weekend,
    xxx Alessandra

  8. They are beautiful, I do think little people would love them ... and big people too!!! xx

  9. very very lovely! waht a lovely gift for a new born! x

  10. They are just fabulous and will make the perfect gift for little hands to play with.
    Carol xx

  11. Love the colours! You can never have too many pictures! Heather x

  12. I think they are great and so cheerful! I have been making little crochet stuffed animals for my little one and he loves them. I have been contemplating making him a few balls to play with but in my mind they didnt come no were near as beautiful as this. Mine seem very "plain" next to these beauties :)

    I think they are not a waist and I love the idea of having them in a basket. Who knows, they might come in handy if you get little ones over for a visit.


  13. Hey Julie, you're definitely in the Yarn-Zone at the moment : -) These hexie toys are brilliant.

  14. Oh I love them! What beautiful toys for a baby! How clever you are.

  15. They are lovely - they remind me of the felt blocks I made for my children when they were babies! I don't have little ones any more - and don't think even my 13 year old granddaughter would appreciate them! But I could make some for my siamese cat - he always steals my balls of yarn!!
    Angie x

  16. They look great Julie...very tactile....I'm sure small people as well as bigger people would have fun playing with them.

    CLiar e:}

  17. I think they are exactly what a baby or small child would love to play with. Very pretty and so colorful. Nice job!

  18. these are sooooo lovely, such gorgeous colours!!!!

  19. they are so beautiful

  20. Gorgeous little toys. And they could also be pincushions (obviously for adults) if you don't mind them being stuck with pins! x

  21. Oh my gosh!! So awesome. I'm totally in love with the bobble balls.


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