Sunday, January 13, 2013

2/52 Year of Happy.

 1. New makes....more about this later

2. Crochet colour combos....

3.Out and about on the bikes....

4.Saturday night at the drive in, a bit of a fun family outing....

Four things this week that made me smile.



  1. What lovely pics! Can't wait to see your new makes, xx

  2. Wow, can't remember the last time I went to a drivein.......
    Lots of reasons to be weather and rain, yippee.

    CLaire :}

  3. The drive-in ... now that takes me back!!
    Great pic of your son : -)
    Good, happy things.

  4. Great happy things. Love the drive-in, we went as kids on a hot summer night in our shortie pj's and had a ball.
    Anne xx

  5. If there were a blog award for colour combinations .... you'd get it. Colourful ... grown up style.

  6. Thank you for sharing such happy moments xxx

  7. Your pictures say it all!! Happiness and love!

  8. The drive-in! Fantastic! Once again--it's the little things that count. Have a great day, and thanks for so often brightening mine.

  9. I laughed when I saw the rows of yarn balls...because that is what I do too ;-)

  10. Love the colours - made me smile too!

  11. Hi Jules, lovely happy things here, especially your new make. Can't wait to see the big reveal. I often pop in here to see your crochet goodies but rarely comment but was inspired to do the 52 weeks of Happy project after seeing it here (as well as over at Tales of a Happy Home and Bunny Mummy) so thank you for the inspiration. Mel x

  12. Sounds like fun! There are no driveins left by us :( I've been dropping in to look at all the colorful yarn/projects. Can't wait to see what you are making now.


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