Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Year of Happy 1/52

I've been seeing quite a few bloggers joining in with this project recently, and thought I would too!
 I like the idea of celebrating the little things in life that make us happy, I think this will help make me a bit more aware of all the good stuff that fills my days.
So Sundays are going to be my 'happy' week posts, 4 photos from the week of moments/things/experiences that have made me happy.

1. young fresh salad greens growing nicely in the garden. Yum.
2. rattlesnake beans. The most delicious bean I have ever tasted, crisp and tender, so worth growing!! 
If you live in Australia and like to grow your own, buy some seeds and grow these! Now!
(Seed from here) (although it seems they are out of stock!)
3. first dahlia of the season, welcome to summer!
4. icy cold drinks on a stifling day and my Orla Kiely tins waiting to be filled with stuff.



  1. What lovely little lettuces you are growing! This looks like fun, am off to check out the link, thanks for sharing xo

  2. Your garden veges look wonderful. I've joined in for 52 weeks of happy two.
    Anne xx

  3. Is a great idea and have seen others, will do the same as long as I remember lol.
    I used to order from Diggers many moons ago. Beautiful pictures Jules and hey from
    fellow aussie ♥

  4. Oh that Dahlia's smashing Julie........gorgeous colour, those beans sound very interesting too. Love growing Summer beans.
    52 weeks of happy is a great idea......
    Hope you've managed to stay cool today.....

    Claire :}

  5. Gorgeous dahlia, cute tin too! x

  6. Hi Jules , so happy you are joining in too. Jen's idea is wonderful, don't you think. Hopefully it will help me concentrate on the happy , simple things I'm blessed with.
    Love your four things....makes me long for summer.
    Jacquie x

  7. Dahlias are divine, that's a really lovely one, beaut idea to post happy things, cheers :)

  8. Wunderful blog you have. Here in Denmark there is winter, so it is cold and not time for garden-work.

  9. Wonderful happy things Jules. I think this a great idea and maybe one I would like to do. It's always a good time to be happy and grateful.
    Love your post and blog,xoRobin❤
    Blanket is really coming along beautifully!!!!

  10. Beautiful happy moments ... I'm joining in too and will be doing my 52 Weeks blog post next week ... although I think I have my photos reay now!! xxx

  11. This is a lovely idea ... 52 weeks of happy ... may just have to join in : -) It's always good to reflect on the simple things.

  12. What a lovely idea, to focus on what has made you happy each week. I look forward to following your happiness trail throughout the year!
    Angie x

  13. Oh!!!! I want to play!!. I have put your button on my blog, may not post 4 pics, at least one as I work all day and don't get home until almost dark. Still need to figure out how to post with others.

    Good idea!! It fits in well with my blog.

  14. I love everything about your blog! you're very talent with crochet!!
    I invite you to visit my blog amigurumifood!!
    I hope you like it!


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