Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hi there. How are you going where you are?  
We are having a public holiday for the running of the Melbourne Cup, and it feels like the weekend has kept going, which is always nice.

On Saturday a friend of mine, Nikki, got married and asked my friend Esther and I to do some flowers for the party afterwards, so on Friday we got together and created a storm of flowery loveliness.  Esther is a florist, so was able to order some gorgeous stocks, delphiniums, special roses and and some other pretty things to fill out our home grown roses and annuals that we picked from our gardens.  We also picked lots of greenery to help give that relaxed, cottagey feel that Nik was after.  She wanted lots of flowers everywhere, so we tried to oblige!

They looked so pretty, I had to take a few piccys and show you.  These are mostly the smaller posies we made at my place, the taller things like the delphiniums were made up at Nik's place straight into big vases.
It all looked beautiful by the time the wedding took place, and we had a great time, dancing the night away, I love a good wedding! (is there any other type?)

Hope you all had a good weekend too.


  1. Well done! The flowers are beautiful! I can imagine the fun you had putting together such a lovely display.

  2. The flowers are gorgeous, I love the cottage style arrangements the best. They always look so natural. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  3. How lovely of you and your friend to do all those flowers up. The wedding must have been gorgeous with all those pretty things.

  4. Beautiful! Looks like she asked the two perfect people for the job. :)

  5. Love the flowers. you did such a great job with them. Great weddings are always memorable aren't they.

  6. They are lovely. I used to be a florist and really miss it! That kind of free and cottage garden arrangment was my personal favourite x


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