Monday, October 1, 2012

Starting with good intentions

How is your day going, great I hope!
Well I can't believe how fast the new month has come around, September kind of disappeared in a whirl of busyness and action.  
I'm hoping October will be a little less frenetic!

So, it's October, and that means Blogtoberfest time again!
Are you joining in with the Blogtoberfest fun?  
Have a look over here at Kat's blog I Saw You Dance for all the info if you are interested, there are lots of bloggy type joining in this year for a month of posting every day (yikes), and other bits and pieces that make for a good bloggy experience . 

I am joining in as away to try and get a bit more consistent with my posting, I am really going to try and post something every day of October,  can't promise that it will be very interesting stuff, but every day it will be here!

Anyway, we had a few friends around for lunch yesterday, and in typical fashion I did a mad run around tidying surfaces and moving all the crap useful stuff we have covering any available space to other spaces that are out of sight. I don't want to open any of our cupboards at the moment, as they are now just about overflowing with Very Important Stuff.

So with my nice clear bench and tabletops I could set up cute little flower displays! Yay! 
(picked from my own garden too, if I do say so myself!)
A nice reward for housework.  Then I had to take some photos to document said tidy space.  I might actually paint the photo above, I think it's quite a calming still life, and if I scrunch up my eyes to get a painterly effect, it looks pretty good!  haha....

More flowers, how I do like my stripey red vase!

Then I got on a pretty picture roll, and had to take a few of the dying poppies in the sun.
Great colours.

I'm thinking of using these nice warm colours for a bit of inspiration for a new blanket.  I don't use many warm hues, so it might by a fun change.
What do you think? 
Are you a warm or cool person?

So, I am looking forward to the new month and all it will bring, lot's of good things I hope!

I think I will do a bit of a list of things I want to complete this month, there are lots of unfinished projects staring at me, waiting patiently for my interest to be rekindled, so now is the time!
You know, seize the day and all that.....

Ok, until tomorrow, I will say bye for now!


  1. Hi Julie, I'm so excited that you'll be posting every day for a month. Love popping into your blog. Your flowers are gorgeous, as are your nice clear benchtops (not many of those around here)!!!

  2. Oh my now there's a challenge ... I have decided to do the Blogtoberfest too!! I just hope I too can think of a few interesting things to say!!

    Good luck!!

  3. Such pretty flowers - they really brighten up a room. Have a good day. :)

  4. Beautiful flowers, I love the colors they will make a gorgeous blanket.

  5. You've inspired me ... once again, I'm going to join Blogtoberfest as well : -)

  6. Blogtoberfest, photo a day challenge, how am I ever going to get time to crochet?

  7. Hi

    I can't join in with Blogtoberfest this time - things are way too mad but I wish you well with it. Good intentions are the best kind!


  8. Blogtober here we come. Good luck. Beautiful flowers by the way, such a lovely way to brighten a room. x

  9. Hey Julie, love the flower display and you must paint this little scene, it's just gorgeous.

    October already, yikes.......I will have to be very restrained and not join in Blogtoberfest this year.
    Having been away for a month I am playing catch up on all fronts, but look forward to reading your posts
    and visiting everyone else who is joining in.

    My late planted poppies will be flowering in a few your beautiful blooms.

    CLaire :}

  10. Your flower display is GORGEOUS and I know I've commented on your wall colour before but I just HAVE to say it again, I LOVE IT!!!
    I'm a warm colour person myself, really should venture out into the world of cool colours. Perhaps that can be my personal goal for October. Crochet with some cool colours.
    Have a fab week.
    Anne xx

  11. Your leading photo looks as if it is straight out of Country Style mag!! And it would make a great painting - I thought so, too, as soon as I saw it. Gorgeous!!

  12. beautiful colours! I've been wanting to do a blanket with these sorts of colours, just have to find the perfect stitch!

  13. Hi Julies, I love how you've arranged your flowers, especially in that super cute stripy vase.
    Delighted to have you along for the Blogtoberfest12 ride.
    Kat xx

  14. Blogging every day sounds like fun...but I am afraid that I must admit that I am too afraid to join in! I only just started blogging, and sometimes struggle with a post a week...
    I had just come to the decision today that I would be happy if I didn't blog all the time, and now I have this to consider! :-D
    Maybe when I am more used to this blogging business, I will join in next year...
    Have fun! Can't wait to read all of your posts,
    Sarah xoxo

  15. Beautiful flowers. I too have 'very important things' and a closed bedroom door whenever people come over, so I can shove everything in there! lol

  16. C'mon Julie, it's 9.25 p.m., where's today's post?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, no pressure ... sorry ; -) Thanks for popping into my blog today!!

    1. hahaha.... I just posted at 9.27 pm! Patience my dear ;) I haven't fallen off the wagon just yet! :)

  17. I'm with you on the over crowded shelf and worktop problem. The first thing that I thought when I saw your first picture was, wow what a gorgeous picture, I'd love to have a shelf clear enough to do that! Beautiful warm colours of the poppies. The colours would definitely be great together.


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