Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend, and Year of Projects update....

I hope you had a great weekend wherever you are out there, once again our weekend just seemed to disappear !
I don't know if me working on Saturdays has anything to do with it, but I blink and we are back into a new week again!

Now I don't know if you realise, but we are a bit weather obsessed here in Victoria, and with good reason!
It was looking like Spring was on it's way, lovely sunshine, no wind, less chill to the air, but hang on, we are back to freezing, squally, wet, windy days at the moment!

I even went to far as getting out my seed basket and organising my tomatoes for this year, I am going to start them off in the hot house and try and get some early ones growing.   I am a bit of a seedaholic, and have far more than I can ever grow, but I just can't resist an interesting packet of seeds with their colourful photos promising abundance!  I think to myself "I can do that too!". They suck me in every time.  This year I am going to plant a lot more of everything so hopefully I will start to make inroads on my seed stash.

When the weather turned, I also got stuck into my crochet for a while. 
So here is my Year of Projects update for the week (or fortnight really).

I have made 53 new mini squares so the tally is now 183/600.
And I made 1 new motif for my summer tablecloth,  tally now 12/100.

I feel it will be a while before I have a finished project to show at this rate!

I have been making some progress on my new mixed-stitch-stripey blanket design, but I will post about that tomorrow.  I think I will set up a new page for this blanket, so anyone who wants to crochet along can find all the stitches and stuff in one place. 

Ok, I think that's about all for now, bye!


  1. Wow that's a lot of squares. So you wait you have done your 600 squares before to sew the together?

  2. Getting very excited here about that stripey blanket!!!

  3. Some projects take a while, don't they? While I am working on one of those I find I have to do the odd quick one to keep me going. Looking forward to the next post on your stripey blanket

  4. love your floral motif for your summer tablecloth!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  5. Your mini squares blanket is going to be sensational!! Aren't you daunted by the sewing of it all together at the end? : -)

  6. Here in Ireland we are equally obsessed with the weather and talking about the weather is a true art form lol. Best of luck with the seed planting, me I plant thinking I to can have what looks like on the packet but alas green fingers I do not have, I am great at not growing a single thing though.
    I think you did great work this two weeks, that is a lot of mini squares and I really love the summer tablecoth motif and I will look forward to seeing all the squares come together.

  7. Love the idea of a seed stash! Don't worry about planting them all; you're actually doing a public service by inventorying these specimens of genetic diversity in case the worst happens :) I just garden for ornamental plants as our house is built in an area that used to be heavy industrial with all kinds of chemicals in the ground. Don't even want to know how much lead there'd be in a tomato grown in my garden!

    The mini squares are cute. Do you have a plan of how you're assembling them? If so I'd be tempted to put some together just to feel like I'm making some progress!

  8. Adorable crochet! My seeds are all still in their packs this year. Though small girl may have ensured a fine crop of radishes on the back lawn...

  9. wow..that's alot of squares to be putting together!..I started watermelon for the first time and so far I have them growing, but they need a long, sunny growing season which I may not have this year..

  10. I love the motif for the tablecloth. I did a blanket earlier this year with 375 squares, and I remember that feeling like it would never end, so I can only imagine how tough 600 is!

  11. I love your color choices. I am having to relearn gardening since moving to Florida. There is no dirt, only sand. I miss northern flowers a great deal, but the tropical ones are vibrant. Mostly the deer have enjoyed my tomato plants and also my roses. Having alligators in your backyard is not as big of a deterent as one would think.

    I cannot wait to see your tablecloth, it is going to be amazing!

  12. Wow, that's a lot of squares, I admire your dedication! Can't wait tosses them all put together, and it actually doesn't sound that far away at your speed.


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