Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yarn along.....

Today I am joining in with Ginny at Small things for her yarn along linky thing where you show what you are working on at the moment and what you are reading...........

I dragged out my magic square blanket the other day and decided it was time to add a few more squares to it.  It is definitely a slow moving project this one, but it is nice to pick it up every now and again and knit up a few more colours.  I have a couple of nice multicoloured balls of wool that I want to add next, so I hope the enthusiasm lasts long enough to get that done.

I am reading 'A Dance With Dragons' by George R. R. Martin,  it is Book 5 of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series, and I am really enjoying this epic tale.  So much more engrossing than the TV series (which is still a good show),  there is just so much going on in this story, it sucked me right into all the intrigue and power plays, it is hard to put down.  I think he is writing another episode after this one, which would be great, there are still so many story threads to explore.

I've also been looking at 'Gardener Cook' by Christopher Lloyd, that great garden writer (and grower!).
I am feeling very inspired at the moment to get stuck into my garden and just grow everything I can! 
I am hoping this Spring/Summer will be our most productive and beautiful garden since we have been here.  I am feeling like my knowledge and skills are finally at a level where I can actually get the garden growing how I want, and it will hopefully look a little like I imagine! ( A gorgeous abundant oasis of growing things!)

So anyway, have a great day, and happy yarning along1


  1. Good luck with your garden. I am so extremely hopeless at gardening and seem to fail at all of it even though I have plenty of enthusiasm. I am hoping when we move this year I can start again and hopefully this time succeed. xxx

  2. Sounds like good things happening over there with yarn, books and garden dirt! My gorgeous squash are dwindling now and I really need to get out there and work in the garden. Maybe tonight when it's cooler. Happy day!

  3. Checked out Ginnys yarn along, but i think i will give it a miss as it looks a bit complicated to set up. This year my garden has been a night mare to keep under control, what with the rain then the sun, everything is growing so quickly. However my Holly hocks are just beautiful. Happy gardening........xx

  4. Hi Jules! My name is Ning. Ever since I've discovered your blog I have been admiring your blog and lovely projects. I love your colour combinations. Colours that makes you smile! I always look forward to read your next blog and inspiring lovely handmade things and all the things that is happening on your garden!

    Thank you for sharing the website of Ginnys yarn along. Perfect motivational website to a novice knitter like me.

    Have a lovely day! : )

  5. I think it's good to have a long-term project that you can pick up every now & then and inch your way through. (or maybe it's just me trying to console/rationalize all the wips I have!). What is the magic square blanket?

  6. I guess the Farmer's socks (I'm stuck on the second sox, half of the cuff done) could be considered my long term project. Yours is delightful with all the colors.

  7. Hi Jules, yes an abundant oasis of growing things sounds great! I haven't quite got it together this year with the vegetable growing. There has been so much rain I think my seeds all got eaten, or at least that's my excuse! I will be watching and learning. By the way, I like your colourfull crafting too! Heather

  8. I have that book on my Kindle and am really trying not to start it until our holiday in a few weeks time - its hard! I've been delaying four a while now (so I can stretch them out a bit - I read the others almost back-to-back) and really can't wait!!!!!! Squee!


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