Sunday, July 8, 2012

Slow Living, June 2012

Well I am running very late with my Slow Living Report for June, real life has been taking up my time recently, and my blogging has taken a bit of a back seat, but I am back on the wagon now, so here goes!

Nourish - It has been a pretty typical month of eating here.  I have been doing a lot of baking, biscuits, muffins, cakes, that sort of thing, I have been taking morning tea to my new job on a Saturday morning, so it is a good chance to try new recipes out.

Prepare - I haver been making stock from the chicken carcass after a roast, and can't believe how much more flavour the roasted bones give the stock, so I will try and continue with this.  I also had a go at making lime marmalade with my lime surplus, but it started to burn in the fast boil stage so I freaked and ditched the whole batch, after it had cooled all the brown bits had disappeared but I thought it might still taste a bit burnt so the compost got a boost.  I'll try again this month as I still have a mountain of limes.

Reduce - Um.... Have to work on this one ....nothing really comes to mind for June. Oh, I have kicked my Diet Coke habit, so I guess that's a reduction of a type!

Green - We have been buying our vegies from the place where I am working a couple of days a week, it's a kind of farm stall where they sell local produce from the Peninsula, so it is fitting in nicely with my 100 mile diet, and lessening our food miles, there is a a surprisingly large diversity of food grown in our region! 

Grow - I have planted pea and snowpea seeds in punnets in the hot house to give them a head start and they are all up, as is pak choy, lettuce and broad beans.  I cleared a very weedy bed and planted out onion seedlings that I grew from seed, I'll have to find somewhere else to plant them, as I have heaps left over!  Also planted out sweetpeas onto my teepees, so hoping for some nice Spring colour.
I have also saved the seed from my Windsor Long Pod beans, so hope to use them in summer.

Create - In June I made a hat, some fingerless gloves, a bird softie and started a new blanket.

Enhance/Connect - Our tennis team lost the grand final (again!), so we will be staying in B grade for another season, something we are not that unhappy about, the B graders are all lovely.
We got the chickens for our community garden in June and they have settled in nicely.

Discover - I have been reading some great books recently, it has been so cold and wet that snuggling up with a book has been quite a common occurrence.

Enjoy - This month we celebrated birthdays, gathering with friends and I had a nice weekend away with my mum and one of my sisters.

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  1. What a wonderful month x

  2. What a positive post - its such a good idea to look back on each month and see what has been achieved. Sometimes achievements get lost in the mountain of normal daily life. xxx

  3. You've had a great month. I love this way of being accountable to ourselves, but also listing the accomplishments.

  4. Hi Jules, so nice to have you joining in again. What a lucky duck you are to have a weekend away with your mum and sister. Loving those garden pics. :)

  5. Lovely summary Jules, you certainly churn out the creative stuff quickly, though given the name of your blog that's probably not surprising. I always struggle with that category. Too bad about the tennis grand final, I was once in a badminton team that came runners up often!

  6. Sounds lovely! Your seedlings make me jealous lol! Just moved so haven't got anywhere to pot!


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