Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hi there.

So here is the state of my stripey star stitch blanket today.  Getting there.  Probably 2/3 done, I had a frustrating pause over the Easter break when I ran out of dark blue, pale blue and lime, I had to wait a few days for the shops to open so I could get some more.  I nearly succumbed and used a slightly different shade that I had at home, but I thought I would end up regretting not being patient, and waited for the right wool.
It is surprisingly thick and very warm, great for hooking up on these chillier nights.

What are you up to today?
Got any crafty action going on or is other stuff filling your time?
I'd love to know! 

See you soon! :)

PS.  I have just realised I've cracked the 1K of lovely readers, whoever would have thought!! 
Thank you so much for stopping by all you new guys ( and the ones that have been around a bit longer too!)  I am so glad you can take something vaguely interesting out of all my ramblings and makings!
  I apologise for the short posts recently, the boys are on the computer a lot and I seem to have to grab little scraps of time to blog. This doesn't lend itself to long thoughtful posting, with 'are you finished yet?'  in my ear every 5 minutes!

I'm planning a bit of a giveaway to thank you for the support, encouragement and inspiration I get from you all, you guys just get the making thing so well!   I think it is great that a common interest can unite so many people from all over the place, the world doesn't feel quite so big anymore!  You fantastic bloggy people!

Even though I am not a very good/active member of the blog community, am slack at comments and questions, I really appreciate your time and interest in my stuff!  So stay tuned!

Bye for real now!


  1. Love the blanket, it's really cheerful.

  2. I love stopping by for a visit and seeing what you're working on! Lovely to see you, and no comments back required! Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Congrats on that amazing number!!!! WOW! Beautiful blanket.

  4. Lovely colors on your blanket! Your things are always so "happy"!

  5. Já está muito linda e depois de pronta ficará ainda mais bela.
    Lindas cores.

  6. i love your blanket especially the star stich you're using. i'm also trying to make one but mine curles up. what am i doing wrong?

  7. I'm loving this blanket. I'm sure I've said this before about your colours but they are very Cath Kidston.

  8. Congratulations on having over 1,000 followers. Your blog is great and your projects are always pretty and colorful.

  9. Lovely blanket .. loving the colours and 1000 followers fantastic. Must feel great. I'm going for a giveaway at the moment .. bit of a brave move for me, but am really enjoying my blogging!

  10. Hi Jules,
    Nice work on the blanket. Glad you hung out for the right colours. You would never have been happy otherwise.


  11. Gorgeous colours, Fiona, it's looking beautiful. I'm still plugging away with the Bullseye Afghan, will be finished just in time for really cold Winter nights.
    1,004 followers ... you're my blog idol!! ; -)
    Cheers, Trudy

  12. Congratulations. Over 1000 followers, AWESOME. :) Your blanket is looking fabulous, the colours wonderful.
    Anne xx

  13. Your blanket is looking great!
    I've hit a standstill on mine.
    Too heavy to drag around the place.
    I'm making everyone a beanie instead.
    Enjoy the last couple of days of slow. x

  14. That must have been hard waiting for the shops. I've carried on with substitute wool before only to regret it and have to unpick (arghhh). It's going to be a stunner when it's finished! Congratulations on your 1000 followers too!

  15. Wow - nice work! When you're done, do you use a sewing needle to thread your ends in, or another method? I'm always curious as to how people 'Tie up loose ends'


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