Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some thoughts on colour.......

Soooooo........I've been thinking about colour and colour choices a bit lately. I kind of use the same old colours for lots of things I make, just because I like the way they look together. But maybe it's time to lash out and try something a bit different, maybe, maybe not.  

 I am trying to use up my stash yarns for things at the moment, and I don't always have the colour I am looking for, or I run out of the colour I need and have to make substitutions. 

I usually just go out and buy more of what I want, but I am trying to conserve some money, and let's face it, all our money is going on bills and other living expenses right now, so I feel a bit self indulgent buying wool to feed my crafty habits!

Anyhoo, take these granny squares for example, they are for the big blogger blanket that Stocki is putting together (must get them in the mail !!), and needed to be made of cotton.

The cotton I use is not the brightest colour range (we don't seem to have the range of choice in cotton yarn that I see OS), so I like to add the red to my squares to give them a bit of spark.  But I am down to my scrap balls of red!  Only really enough for smallish rounds.

See this pale blue one?  I really wanted to edge it in red, but didn't have enough, so the blue is the compromise.  And I normally wouldn't use so much white, but you know what?  I kinda like them!
I actually like the light feel of the pale green, pale blue, red and white combo so much I think I might make a cot blanket in a variation of this palette.  Light and breezy and summery!

When I save some money for yarn shopping that is, of course! hahaha....

Anyway, just some random crochet/ colour thoughts tonight....what do you do when you run out of colours ? do you compromise ? make do?  or do you wait until you have the right stuff to finish your piece just how you want it?

Hope you're having a great makey weekend!


  1. I like your choice of colours, I think it's fun trying out new colour combinations and having to choose colours that you wouldn't usually have chosen. I like to use my stash yarn for blankets but try to have enough of at least one or two of the colours to run right through the blanket and that brings it together no matter what other colours you use. Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Hi Jules,
    Yes I find colours difficult to find in some ranges here. I was just looking at Lucy's flower she made in cotton and her colours are just so beautiful. I did buy a pack of Stylecraft from Deramores and was impressed by their service...thinking about an order of cotton mmmm ....Your colours do look great is hard to tell until you make it up so sometimes yes it can be hit and miss. What about make a deal with yourself to use some of your stash so that you can have a little splurge soon!!! :)

  3. looks lovely!
    this will be a great addition to the Stocki beautiful blanket!

  4. They are truely lovely. I find wool pretty cheap here and only buy colours that i like saying that though i do love to use many bright ones but i have also replaced them with the same when they are run out. dee x

  5. Lack of choice is the down side of having little or no Stash.
    Many times I'm eager to go at something only to find I've not the yarn to fill the bill.

    Not certain what the solution is, ??? can't afford to go out and buy an armful but have the yen to create ???

    Recently, I've bit the bullet and purchased enough yarn at one time to knit a cardigan. It's a first for me since I have only done sox and for the past six months small shawls. But now I've five, yes, count 'em, five skeins of one yarn. heaven forbid I'd better finish this cardigan.


  6. I am new at this and am still learning about yarn--exploring availability, texture, and color. Also, I mistrust my color blending instincts. It is really hard for me to envision what things will look like made up in my own choice of colors. Thanks for sharing on your blog! I enjoy it.

  7. Hey Jules, I think the lighter colours are lovely and definitely give it a Summery feel........

    I think you're right about the range of yarn you say O/S bloggers seem to have a vast array of different yarns to choose form.
    But maybe I'm not visiting the right shops....

    Hope your weekend is going well, I'm off to check out this Stocki blanket...

    Claire :}

  8. I like making new colour combinations, but at the same time I like using certain colours...but if your trying to save money, then I would try and be a little bit adventurous :)

  9. LOVE your square pattern. LOVE your color choices. I just checked the Stocki blog. FUN!!!!

  10. I think it's fun to sometimes work outside your colour comfort zone, you can be nicely surprised - as you were!!

  11. Hi Jules! Thanks so much for the 'heads up' on the Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2012'! Your squares are absolutely gorgeous... I can't wait to have them here and be sewing them in! Have a lovely Sunday! :)x

  12. All those colours are beautiful - so soft and lush but with a dash of red energy!!! I have to say, when I run out of something my instinct is just to go and buy (even if it means we have to have beans on toast for dinner) but more recently I've been compromising and digging in my stash. I've been pleasantly surprised at the results. Random rules!!! lol x

  13. I always love your colour combinations. You have a natural talent to put the right tones together. I love that you do step outside your comfort zone. I might make that a goal for me.

  14. Oh Jules I know exactly your dilemma, I'm trying to work through my stash and keep hooking things up only to find I haven't got quite enough yarn! I'm being very strict with myself though and NOT buying's so hard I even found myself in Hobbycraft with an armful of yarny gorgeousness which (deep breath)I put back, I know the willpower. Very painful had to go home and eat cake to console myself LOL!
    But anyway sometimes not having unlimited supplies does make for a more creative process and some lovely surprises and 'who would've thought' moments.
    I love your little blue edged granny square has a Scandinavian feel to me. ♥

  15. One of the things I love about crochet, is that there are so many choices. One of the things the control freak in me detests about crochet, is that there are so many choices. I find that no matter what colour combos you end up using either by choice or accident, always manages to produce a beautiful outcome. I always keep in mind that the beauty isn't necessary in the colour or quality of yarn but the craftmanship.

  16. These squares look beautiful! I love how the red works so well in them.
    I'm completely the same when it comes to yarn buying. The moment I think
    I don't have the right color in my stash I pop over to my lys and buy it. It's also not helping that my yarn stores are so close to our house! I live in Hamburg and there are not that many yarn stores, but somehow we ended up living very close to the only three there are! Hard to resist!!!

  17. Hi Julie
    I am a fan of the paler colours. Not all the time. But we do tend to navigate to the same colour choices, even if we start out thinking that we will do it differently this time.

    If I run out of a colour, I might try and make do with something else, but more likely to go get the colour.


  18. I love pale blue, red and white together! So much so it's the colour scheme for my bedroom :) found your blog via pinterest and have been loving looking at all your creations!


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