Thursday, February 2, 2012

Polkadot Square Pattern ( at last)


How are you going today?  It's the last day of school holidays here and I am putting off ironing the school shirts that have sat in the ironing basket since before Christmas.  I'll probably end up ironing them while the boys have their showers in the morning.  Nothing like the last minute to get things done in my house!

So I am writing this instead.  Much more important.

You might remember these polkadot squares that I crocheted a while ago?  Or you may not.

Anyway, I have finally finished writing the pattern down and doing  a little photo tutorial on how I made them.  It is very simple, and you probably don't need a tutorial, but I thought it might help if you are just starting out in crochet.

I will put the pattern at the bottom of this post if you just want to skip straight to the concise version.

Ok here we go,  happy hooking and good luck!


This is for a circle in a square type granny, using single crochet sts to create a nice solid piece.  I didn't want it to be 'gappy'.  It is easy too play around with colour combos and different stripey effects too.

I used a 3.5 mm hook and 8 ply Bendigo Knitting Mills Cotton in a variety of colours, but you could try this in any yarn I think.

This pattern is in US. stitches, sorry UK ladies, for you, sc =dc, hdc =htr, dc =tr 

round 1

First, Chain 4 and slip stitch to 1ch to make a ring/circle.

Rd 1 : Ch1 (counts as first st) then do 5 sc into ring.Sl st to first ch to close round.  (6st in total)

Rd 2 : Ch1 (counts as first st) then 1 sc in same stitch, then 2 sc in each st to end. Sl st to first ch to close round. (12 st in total)

round 3

Rd 3 : Ch 1,* 2sc in next st, then 1sc in next, * , continue pattern around. Sl st in first ch to close round.  (18 st in total)

round 4
 Rd 4 : Ch 1,  sc in next st, then *  2sc next st  then sc in next 2st * continue pattern around. Sl st  in first ch to close ring. (24 st in total)

round 5
 Rd 5 : Ch 1, sc in next 2st, then *2sc in next st, then sc in next 3st * continue pattern around, sl st in first ch to close  (30 st in total)

round 6, and changing colour step 1
 Rd 6 : Ch 1, sc in next 3st, then *2sc in next st, then sc in next 4st * continue pattern around, sl st to close.  (36 st in total)
 I changed colour  at the end of this round to add a stripe of dark blue for rd 7.
This is how I change colours so it is a subtle, smoothish join.
In the last sc of Rd 6, before you do the yarn over and pull through, change to the new colour....

changing colours step 2
 ...and pull it through the old colour loops.  Pull the old colour yarn gently to tighten the stitch, and slip stitch in the first ch with the new colour to close the round. Continue with next round as normal.

changing colours step3
 I leave the old colour still connected and just change back when I want a different stripe.
(does that make sense??)

round 7
  Rd 7 : Ch 1, sc in next 4 st, then* 2sc in next st, then sc in next 5 st * continue pattern around, sl st to close, changing colour back to light blue at end of round. (42 st in total)

round 8
 Rd 8 : Ch 1, sc in next 5 st, then *2sc in next st, then sc in next 6 st* continue pattern around, sl st to close round . (48 st in total)  Bind off.   ( inner circle completed)

round 9 pattern repeat x4
  ( Squaring up) Rd 9 :  Join 3rd colour (green) in any stitch, to create the 4 corners of the square, repeat the following pattern 4 times - 3sc, then 3hdc, then 3dc in next st, then 3hdc, then 2sc.
Sl st to first ch that counted as first sc, to close round.

round 9 complete
This is how it is looking at this point. ^

round 10
Rd 10 :*2 sl st, then 4 sc, then 1hdc, then 4dc in next st, then 1 hdc, then 4sc, then 1 sl st,* do this 4 times , Sl st to first st to close.

round11 finished!!
Rd 11:  ch 1, then sc around in all sts, except in each corner st where you do 2hdc,ch1,2hdc.
Bind off.  And I think that is it!

Abbreviated pattern:
Ch4, join to 1st ch to make ring.
rd1: sc6 into ring
rd2: 2sc in each st all around (12 st)
rd3: 2 sc in next st, then 1sc in between, all around (18 st)
rd4: 2sc in next st, then 2sc in between, all around (24 st)
rd5: 2sc in next st, then 3sc in between, all around (30 st)
rd6: 2sc in next st, then 4sc in between, all around (36 st)
rd7: 2sc in next st, then 5sc in between, all around (42 st)
rd8: 2sc in next st, then 6sc in between, all around (48 st)

rd 9: (3sc, 3hdc, 3dc in next st, 3hdc, 2sc) x4
rd10: (2slst, 4sc,1hdc, 4dcin next st, 1hdc, 4sc, 1slst) x4
rd11: sc around ,with 2hdc,1ch,2hdc in each corner st. bind off.


I hope you understand what I mean, I found it hard trying to write instructions, so it might be hard to follow. I hope not. Another thing, I also varied where I put the increases in my circles when I found it was getting too hexie shaped, as long as you keep the right number of sc in between increase stitches, you can put them anywhere.

To make a cushion cover, I made 16 of these and single crocheted them together, like patchwork.
Haven't finished the back yet, but will show you it when I'm done.

Please, if you find any mistakes in this, forgive me! And let me know and I will try and fix it up.

Have a great day!


  1. Great tutorial Jules! That gives me another want on my to do list. Thanks for telling us what yarn you use. I am currently using some Bendigo Mill Luxury wool but want to have a go at using their cotton. They are a really easy company to buy from over the internet. I just wrote about the difficulties of buying yarn up here. Hope the boys enjoy being back at school. We have already been back for over a week.:)

  2. What a great tutorial ~ Thank you so much for sharing :O)x

  3. That is great i have never seen that design before. I bought a crochet book the other day and it has 200 different granny squares in it. I have realised that in your whole life time you would never learn or be able to do and make all the things you can with a bit of wool and a hook ;-)It is amazing, dee x

  4. Oh that's fabulous I'm going to have a little go at it as soon as I get home from work!
    Enjoy your last minute speed ironing!

  5. Those are so pretty,thank you for the tutorial. It will be a great stash buster project, my major aim for this year!

  6. Hey Jules, love the pattern, it's very striking and great colours of course.......

    All the best with getting back into the school routine at least the weather is a little cooler for them.

    Claire :}

  7. I love these squares! Thanks for the tutorial, I'll definitely be giving this a go :)

  8. Brilliant pattern, thank you so much for sharing it with us! :)

  9. Does this mean a shopping adventure is in order?
    These are so stinkin' cute - - - - beyond clever

  10. I love this pattern! Will certainly be giving it a go very soon! x

  11. Very nice pattern, I shall definitely be having a go. I made a kitty cat from your excellent tutorial, I blogged about here

  12. Just letting you know that I am a "follower" now after finding you through Pinterest! This is such a lovely blog you have. I look forward to exploring it and reading your future posts.
    ~ t.

  13. Thanks for the instructions. I was hoping you would share them with us. The background looks like the old metal table my parents had when I was growing up and it's now in my daughter's home. I'm having a Valentine Cupcake painting giveaway on my blog, so stop by for a visit.

  14. Thanks heaps Jules for your pattern!! Note to me: must finish current crochet projects before starting this!

  15. I think any beginner would welcome your clear instructions on how to make one of those squares......xx

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I saw a gorgeous blanket using these squares and now I can make one too......was going to make something like a Moroccan hexigon blanket, but I think in the end this will be gorgeous with the earthy tones I have......Would love to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday again soon! all the best!

  17. Thank you so much, it's wonderfully simple but so striking and beautiful. xox

  18. Its a great design! Thank you for sharing the pattern. I just love your designs and the colours you use.

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  20. What a lovely design, so original. Thank you for taking the time to do a tutorial on it.

  21. Just to let you know I have nominated you for an award

  22. Hi Jules... Well, Shelley beat me to it, but I can't see anything in the rules to say that you can't get the Versatile Blogger Award more than I awarded it to you too! Pop over to my blog to pick it (and the rulea) up.. :)x

  23. Found your blog today :) Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  24. I love your polkadot squares, and I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award today too!
    Love Judy xx

  25. ohh!! que plazas más originales y bonitas!me encantan son diferentes y los colores preciosos! gracias por la explicacion!
    un abrazo

  26. Thanks so much Jules for sharing this on Craft Schooling Sunday! I have a whole bunch of earthy colored yarns to make a blanket for my couch, and while I'm still undecided this pattern is in the running, just love and I think it would be great in neutral colors too. all the best!

  27. Lovely pattern. Thank you so much to share!

  28. Lovely pattern, thanks so much for sharing!! love your work.

  29. I am working on this now....just finished row 5. Easy so far. I decided to print out the abbreviated pattern & I see that at the beginning of each round you have left out the instructions before the asterisk. Wondered if you could correct that. I'd like to print the whole pattern. Thanks. Irish-Colleen

  30. Hi, I am just teaching myself to crochet. I've made a few blankets, but was getting bored with the standard granny square. You tutorial and photo's are great and I can't wait to make this gorgeous blanket. Thank You!

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  32. That's a very beautiful and smart pattern you've got there! Well done! :D

  33. I have been ogling this pattern for over a year now and finally hooked a scarf for myself last week. Thank you so much for posting this pattern, I have linked it to my posting if that is OK with you. Cheers!

  34. I love it!
    I have been looking and looking for something "circles and squares" and this is perfect!!!!

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    Khatouna, (Switzerland)


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