Monday, January 2, 2012

Summer holidays, Point Leo

main beach, Point Leo, Victoria

Hello. How are you today?

We are very hot!

 Summer has really turned on today, it has been 43 degrees here, and it is still 33 degrees (9.00pm)!

We spent the day at Point Leo beach and at my parents place which is a short walk from the beach.
Very nice. Very nice indeed.

check out that sky!!

........Such a beautiful beach, it is usually a surf beach, but the last couple of days it has been very flat.......

max and andre catching waves

.........with just the odd small wave rolling through, just waiting to be caught......


..........the rest of the time it was like this, crystal clear and cool and refreshing
........just perfect for floating around 

jesse is a holiday area with a camping ground just over the sand dunes, but it is a great wide beach , so doesn't feel crowded.


........we are lucky that we can call this our 'local' beach, it's only 15 minutes from us.
We have other lovely beaches closer to home too, we are very lucky indeed.


on the path

.............after a long swim we headed up the path to mum and dads place, (we call it The Resort), for a dip in the pool and a lovely cold bevvie on the banana lounge........

clare in relax mode is my sister, who had the same idea!

So that is how we spent this very hot day, dipping in and out of the sea and pool, lots of icy drinks, some friendly conversation and a good book, not a bad way to spend a holiday!

I hope you found somewhere cool if you are in Victoria too!


  1. Ooh half your luck has been stinking hot hasn't it?.....

    Looks lovely at the beach and the 'resort', hehe...

    Hopefully your garden is surviving, Summer had to arrive eventually I guess...

    Claire :}

  2. Over here in the UK its cold - very - and grey - very nice to see your sunshine though. Happy New Year.

  3. I can't imagine that heat as it is going to be -15 degrees celsius with the wind chill today plus we are expecting snow! I live in Toronto, Canada.

  4. Lovely to read about your sunny day!!! Here in England we are having our 15th day of rain and also hail. Emigrating sounds a good choice!

  5. Wow so hot! It's a mere 2 degrees in blighty in the north west of England at the moment - Freezing so your post has warmed me up a little :0)

    Happy New Year!

    Leah x

  6. Well I'm here in Adelaide and we've had a scorcher too. It's still hot inside the house now and I'm not sleeping very well, hence my commenting on your post at 1.33am. I hate it when it's hot for days on end. Anyway I'm hoping that it cools down tomorrow.

  7. Looks like a lovely summer day. Very different from the weather here in Northern California!

  8. Looks lovely! Summer just hasn't turned up yet this year in New Zealand. Hopefully by the time we go on holiday in 2 weeks it'll be sunshine like you have. x Kylie

  9. Happy New Year! Those beach photos look wonderful, very cooling on a hot day. It certainly was a stinker yesterday and on the up side, perfect for doing laundry.
    Anne xx

  10. I cleared out of my place with the girls a few days ago in an attempt to beat the heat. We have come to visit my parents who still live in the house I grew up in on the South Gippsland coast. I knew it would be much cooler here than at home. So far it has been pretty successful. Still hot outside but the house stays much cooler and the sea breeze kicks in a bit better here too. Probably back home tomorrow though!
    xXx Helen

  11. Happy, fun, Aussie summer holidays, you gotta love that. Can I come sit by that pool with you, NOW?!!

  12. I am going to pop in here for my daily dose of sunshine and vitamin D I think... the rain is lashing down here (Oxford, UK) and it is dismal! Perfect hooky day methinks! :)x


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