Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunshiny day.....

pink poppies getting blown around
Greetings from the garden today.

It is a fabulous day here and I just had to record whats going on in the garden.  It has been so nice to have a year with normal rainfall, the garden has really taken off after so any years of drought.

So, sorry to bore you if you are not into gardens, but it is a nice colour hit anyway......

...there is lots of pink in the garden at the mo,  lots of roses are starting to bloom, think I'll go and pick a vasefull, wish I could share the scent with you, it is really special.............

........pretty snapdragons......

The crap apple is spectacular, and covered with busy, buzzy bees.........

 ......this reddish brown iris has been gorgeous, heaps more flower spikes than last year.....

 .....the poppies just keep on giving......

Some purple aquilegia, I love these flowers bobbing around in the wind......

......and, so excited, HEAPS od raspberries starting to form, those bees are really busy pollinating everything, so I'm hoping for a bumper crop!!

 .....and there is still plenty of broccoli to be picked, unfortunately I am the only one who likes it in our house, so we have a bit of a broccoli glut! Anyone want some?

I really love Spring.
So much colour and life around, it's just ace.

Thank you all for the lovely comments on the stripey blanket, I didn't expect such a nice reaction, quite overwhelming! You guys are great!  Now time to get onto something new......hmmmmm.....

Have a great sunshiny day!!


  1. Such lovely spring colours. I'm a huge fan of spring too, not only are the flowers lovely, but it's not too hot to get outside and enjoy them.

    I'd cheerfully take some broccoli off your hands, but it'd never survive the posting ;-) Broccoli hides well in other things, so you could disguise it and the family would never know!

  2. You'll never bore me with garden posts. Your roses are gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  3. Loving the poppies! I can't wait to see what that creative brain of yours pops up with next!

  4. Gorgeous blooms, don't you just love spring! We've had a huge oversupply of Broccoli too so you can keep it all to yourself. Two of us out of four love it here :)

  5. Thanks for the "walk" around your garden. :) I really enjoyed it. I used to live on a farm with a MASSIVE garden (both flower and veggie) - and I quite miss it in the spring/summer.
    I love your poppies and iris... and the crab apple... do you use the fruit from it? I adore their tartness! :)

  6. It's autumn down here in France! So it's nice to read about spring!

  7. I LOVE broccoli! send it my way! ;) eating it raw, dipped in hummous is a particular favourite. Is that weird?!

  8. Your garden is stunning, those raspberries look as if they will be amazing and I have to say I'm very jealous of your broccoli on our allotment the birds eat it as it pokes it's head above the ground!


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