Saturday, October 8, 2011



Today I have been revelling in the abundance of flowers in the garden at the moment and picking a few bunches for the table.

We have lilac that smells divine.......

 ...purple and white bearded iris, I think it is called  'Jesse's Song' this variety, it is my best flowering iris, I have quite a few different varieties but this one flowers the best. I counted 32 flower spikes in various clumps around the garden......

....and I made a little posy of different pink and red flowers, a few roses, snapdragons and some apple blossom, very pretty!...

They certainly brighten up the table and my day!

Tomorrow I am going to make some rustic climbing frames for beans and peas, so I will show you some pictures then.  I am also going to plant sweetcorn, zucchinis, snap peas, lettuces, carrots and beetroot. It is great to be getting stuck into the garden again, I love the springtime!

Probably a gardening post tomorrow, so be warned!

 Thank you for all the lovely responses to my flowery pincushion garland, you are all so kind, I am glad you like it! A couple of questions were asked about the wool and hook size, - I used 8 ply 100% wool, just used up various dribs and drabs, with a 3mm hook for the big ones, and 4ply wool with a 2.5mm hook for the smaller ones. 
 I am so happy if I have inspired anyone to have a go at these, so feel free to make the same!

Hope your weekend is going well!


  1. Your flowers are so pretty :-)
    I only have a small balcony, so unfortunately I have to buy, or be bought flowers in order to prettify my house with them

  2. How wonderful to see all those lovely spring flowers when here in Britain it's Autumn and the gardens are full of dahlias and the leaves are falling. I can almost smell the gorgeous lilac!

  3. Your little posy of pink flowers is so pretty!

  4. Oh my Julie, what a floral bounty that lot is........ just gorgeous.
    I can't believe you have Roses already, mine are still a good week plus away before I can pick any.
    I have Irises just starting to bloom and my Poppies which I planted, ahem, very late won't be flowering for a wee while yet.
    My Lilac is just budding up, I do love it.
    Love the polka dot jugs and the Poppies look simply stunning in that little blue bottle/vase.
    Great colours in your kitchen, Spring has certainly sprung.

    Claire :}

  5. We are heading in to the season of the Big Freezes. It is nice to see spring blooms. I love your blog.

  6. What a lovely assortment of blooms, you are so lucky being able to grow all these in your garden. In Brisbane it is too hot for most bulbs and too humid for many roses. We do have wonderful Frangipanis and Jacarandas though. Love the lilac- have never actually seen it before and poppies, well they are the pick of the bunch I think. melx

  7. Oh Jules,
    I love all your flowers from your gardens. I think I spied poppies too! I can only imagine how lovely your house must smell. I didn't get a chance to comment on your last post. But let me say I too adore your pincushion garland. And yes you did inspire me and I'm sure lots of others.
    Thanks for this flowery post, have a fun weekend gardening.

  8. Beautiful flowers. Happy vege gardening tomorrow.
    Anne xx

  9. I am having trouble leaving comments today so if you get this twice, sorry. Love the lilacs, they are my favorite flower, and the smell.......yum.

  10. I can almost smell the lovely lilac, what wonderful flowers.
    I have a few roses hanging on but now our weather has started to cool down I think they will be the last for this year. Still not be long before there will be snowdrops and hellebores to admire.
    Carol xx

  11. Just beautiful! I couldn't help but notice your amazing colour filled

  12. Hey Jules,

    your ability in putting colours together is amazing! Not only with these gorgeous flowers but with all your projects. Your blanket is absolutely stuning! You've inspired me ( again!).


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