Sunday, September 18, 2011

We had a fun weekend......


How's your weekend been?

It's been busy round my neck of the woods!
Yesterday we had a bit of a going away party for some friends of ours who are leaving the area, 10 adults and a heap of kids, lots of food and drink, chatting, laughing, some music, and a bit of pool sharking made for a pretty enjoyable evening!
This was after the first  Harvest Lunch at our Community Garden, and a basketball presentation afternoon, Gary took care of the basketball while I stayed home and cooked a few treats for the party, and tried to make the house presentable!

We dragged out our new summer chairs in all their colourful,stripey glory, it was a lovely afternoon weather wise so they had a good work out and were declared very comfortable!


Had a wander round the garden today as well.....

 .....checked on the seeds I planted a week or 2 ago, and they are doing well, lovely little snow pea plants........

 .....climbing beans......

 .......and mesclun lettuce, as well as zucchinis, sweetcorn, tomatoes, sugar peas, capsicums.

My sunflowers have germinated well too, so there should be plenty of colour in the garden this summer if all things go to plan!  I sow my seeds in biodegradable pots that I can plant out pot and all, so there is no set back when they are planted into the the garden and I can grow them to a good size before transplanting.  It seems to work well for me, we usually have lots of great veg growing amongst all the weeds! Although I don't know how things will go this year with my roaming chickens scratching every where they go!

....a few more garden pics....the artichoke patch, looking good....

 .....and the raspberry row, high hopes for  a bumper crop this summer!

....poppies are full of buds, really great range of lovely colours this year, so happy !

....and round the front the blossom trees are  starting to look gorgeous

.....whites and deep pink of the flowering peach, my favourite I think!

Today was spent cleaning up the house after last night (washed a very tacky floor, yuk), and pottering in the garden, mum and dad visited with my aunt from the country, the boys generally mucked around, the eldest had work and the younger 2 were happy at home.

I am going to go and do a spot of crochet now, a good way to finish of a lovely weekend!

PS. Hello to all the new visitors to my blog, lots of you are coming from Lucy at attic24, so thanks Lucy for the referral, and great to meet you all!  Thanks for dropping by, I hope I don't bore you with all my mundane wafflings!

Have a lovely day!!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Really impressed with all your seedlings, I started the year well, and tried growing all sorts of things, I have to say It has all been pretty disastrous, but then there is always next year and the trying has been fun!

  2. Why oh why do your seeds grow and mine don't? I've tried every variation there is I think, but they either get to a few cms high then get eaten by beasties or they don't grow at all. So jealous, even my cherry plum didn't bloom properly this year. But I do have blooms on my born again nectarine. It was a single sad dying stick when I moved in and then some sucker shoots came from the rootstock and I let them grow instead of chopping them off. They have become quite a nice little tree. Now for the fun part, to see if it is still a nectarine! Who knows what the root stock was to begin with.
    xXx Helen

  3. Hey Jules, you've had a very busy weekend by the sound of things.
    Your stripey deck chairs look lovely and Summery and your Poppies are just gorgeous. They take me back to my childhood and a friend's mum used to grow them in a garden bed along the driveway. Mine are quite a way off flowering as I was very late in planting them.
    All your seedlings are looking great, I must get my act together and get some happening here, but the Sunflowers are in yay!!
    Been out feeding the chooks and wondering like you, how I was going to keep them out of the vegie garden, as they have had the whole house yard to roam in over Winter........

    Have a great week,

    Claire :}

  4. WOW, those seeds have germinated really well. You should have a wonderful vegetable garden this summer.
    I love your new summer outdoor chairs. Where did you buy them from as I'd love to aquire some. :)
    Have a lovely week,
    Anne xx

  5. Love your photo of the stripey lawn chairs.

  6. wonderful seeing you are heading for spring... here summer seems to have packed her bags and is on the way out... boooooo, the clock doesnt stop, no matter how nice it would be to have a time-out. thats life! fall is a wonderful time as well, i LOVE the colors and the beautiful sundowns. thanks for sharing the wonderful pics of your garden work - looking great so far! yep, the blanket on lucys blog hit my eye and i had to think of you! when are you going to reveal the HUGE secret how-to for the bobbles??? (beg, beg, beg - i am down on my knees) touch of the past seeing your stripey chairs! we had similar ones years ago that we loved dearly... am in awe about your artichoke plants!!!

  7. i am one of the referrals from Lucy at Attic 24. I soooooooooo love your blanket and have a case of the wanties. i think the colours are fablicious a ray of sunshine.
    your chairs are stunning and i might hace a go at growing sweet peas myself.
    regards from north wales, uk

  8. Lovely to see your poppies and the blossom on your trees. It's so funny to see spring a-springing with you though when we're just starting Autumn here, hehe :)

  9. Hi.......found you....actually not quite sure now how I found you well how on another blog but I really can't remember which blog. I'm very new to blogging and shall have to get what's right sorted out and cite links.
    I'm here by the way
    I have been quite enjoying wandering from blog to blog there's some really lovely crochet work out there! Your photos are great and I like the glimpse into your home too...thanks for that . :-) You mention you are new to crochet well.....have to say if you are you've homed into it pretty quick because you have some very nice bits here on your blog.
    I've left a few comments on some blogs and I don't think I've left one here.....there you are you see I'm quite disorganized at the moment...not really me at all. thats it for the moment I want to upload photos to my blog now of the shawl I have just finished . Keep feel...A.


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