Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday sun....

Today has been a beautiful wintery, springy day, when a rainy, stormy day was forecast, so really a bonus nice day!

Today I dragged the two younger boys on a bike ride to Balnarring, they weren't really keen, but the lure of chips and potato cakes finally won them round, and I think they might have even enjoyed themselves. Gary met us there in the 'support vehicle' and Max threw his bike in the back for the trip home, but Andre and I rode home and made pretty good time! Nice to get a bit of variety in the exercise regime now and then.

Today I made a chocolate cake and a coconut cake, I'm hoping I won't have to bake tomorrow.

Today I sat in the afternoon sun and did a bit of quiet hooking, these are the finishing touches to some little makes that have been crying out to be finished for a few months. I finally found the inspiration I needed in the perfect shape of these half circles..... I think they will be just what was called for........ I will show you the finished things later in the week when they are all sewn together nicely.

Today I thought about what to do for a give away for you guys, and I think I have a plan....more on that later.....

I have to say I am loving my sunny little table in the afternoons, I might have to move it in the summer, but it is perfect for these winter days!

Hope you all had great weekends


  1. I like the half circles. I am excited what you will make with it.

    Have a nice weekend,

  2. Hello from Argentina!
    I love your blog and everything you make!
    Can you tell me which book is in the picture?
    I'm looking for some books to improve my crochet,and I would appreciate a lot your advice and recommendations.
    Thanks a lot!

  3. These look lovely and would make quite an intriguing bunting. I love dropping by your blog and seeing all the lovely makes. Happy Sunday!

  4. Sounds like a lovely sunday. We also had a stormy day - biggest hail storm I can remember. Kids loved it of course!

  5. Love those colours in your semi-circles!
    And well done for dodging the showers and getting the kids out on their bikes!!

  6. I love these half circles and can't wait till you show us what you are doing with them. Glad you had a lovely family day.

  7. Well, clever lady, I can't even imagine what all those semi circles will be but they're very pretty!

  8. Oh that table looks just the perfect size for spreading out all your crochet bits Julie.

    Look forward to seeing what you're in the process of finishing......I'm intrigued, lovely colours as always.

    Nice to get out on the deadly treadly with the lads.........we've had a mostly wet weekend. Winter has returned, yippee.

    Claire :}

  9. Such a gorgeous pattern in lovely colours!


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