Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My crafty space sorted.....

Hello .......... what's news around here.........
I have given my bit of the study a make over of sorts. Still school holidays, and the boys seem happy to hang around at home , so I have been trying to organise my wool storage and give me somewhere to do crafty stuff that doesn't end up spreading through the whole house.

We took a trip to Ikea on Sunday to get these square boxy shelves. It pays to be prepared when you shop at Ikea, the place is enormous and like a great shopping conveyor belt, everyone moves in the same direction, and it is like swimming up stream if you want to back track and check something out.
Note to self: don't go to Ikea on a weekend ever again thinking you can just quickly pop in and grab what you want and be on the road again in 20 minutes. It ain't gonna happen. Best leave 4.5hrs for the round trip, (3hrs driving, and 1.5 to get the stuff) , and be ready to go, go, go!!! It is not a place to browse in peace, be ready to contend with 50 million other people not really sure what they are looking for, and then all trying to check out at the same time. It is an amazing shopping experience.

So anyhoo, we bought these new shelves and I am soooo happy with my new organised things, all the colourful wool sitting nice and neat in their little squares. Moved the table around to a new position, tidied up my wool scraps, gave it a bit of a dust and vac, added my blue chair and had fun rearranging stuff, and there you go, one new improved crafty space!

Think I'll have a little sit in the blue chair with a nice drink and do a bit of hooky, I've got a few ideas swirling around trying to get out, and it is great to have a nice tidy space to use!

Before I go, I just wanted to say hello to anyone who is new to my blog. I seem to have gained quite a few followers recently, so welcome, it's nice to have you visit!! I'll be trying my best to check out all your blogs too when I get some free time on the computer. (Not that easy here, as the middle son has introduced the youngest to the wonderful World of Warcraft. 2 gaming nuts in the house now. What joy.)

So thanks for popping over and I'll see you soon!


  1. Your new space looks so nice and colorful. :)

  2. I love your new creative space. Well done. It looks very comfortable & inspiring. And it looks like you have space to buy a bit more wool - there can't be too much in my eyes!

  3. Your crafty space looks fab!!

    Ikea is the worst at weekends, we're lucky as one has now opened 1/2hr away and so if you pop in midweek the place is almost deserted - much better than when we, like you, had to do a 3hr round trip to get there!!

    Welcome to the world of multiple gaming nuts - now just wait for the arguments about whose turn it is to have a go to start!!

    S x

  4. Your craft room looks great! I have one of those shelves in white and I know what you mean about Ikea! :-)

  5. I'm envious....that room would inspire me SO much...you must be thrilled!
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  6. Oh wow, you got a great place.
    And ofcourse I like what's on your shelves. Lovely colours.

    Groetjes, Monique

  7. Wow - it looks amazing, so organised and easy to find what you're looking for. How I would love to have a crafty space like this. Enjoy sitting in that chair making some wonderful things. x

  8. Your space is perfect, all your yarn on display makes me so jealous. Happy Tuesday,

  9. Your room looks brilliant, so calming yet colourful! Wish i could do something similar.. i am having to give up my craft room to turn it into a nursery! haha

  10. I have one of those shelves but I bought mine from Kmart. I've eyed it several times thinking it would be good for the wool, but at the moment it is jam packed with books and if I took them out I wouldn't have any other place to put the books!
    xXx Helen

  11. Gorgeous! Totally agree with your description of Ikea but would recommend finding the sneaky little doorways they have hidden in the walls - amazing shortcuts ;-)

    I would love enough space in my Cwtch for something like that, but it would mean losing an armchair and as people frequently drop in to see / interrupt me, they would have to share my couch and that wouldn't do at all :-)

    Have a lovely week x

  12. I love your newly organised crafty space. Isn't it such a wonderful feeling to have everything tidy! I had to laugh at your description of the Ikea shopping experience. I haven't been to their store for a long time because of that reason. Glad you found what you were looking for.
    Anne xx

  13. Wow, looks great Jules, like a proper wool shop......
    Definitely worth the time spent in Ikea.

    Loooove that little blue and white basket, too sweet.

    Claire :]

  14. Ooh I soo soo miss Ikea! We don't have it here on the other side of the world! :-(

    I love your creative corner. It just look so neat. It is my project for the next 2 weeks, when school starts again, well pre-school so only a few hours in the morning really to do anything in between work and house work etc. Hope to get it done.

    Have a good week and enjoy your creative space!


  15. what a beautiful space! I'm sure it will inspire you to create a lot of lovelies here :)

  16. ¡Hola! soy nueva en este mundo del blog-labores, he pasado por el tuyo y me han encantado tus trabajos, poco a poco iré colgando los míos, de mas fácil a con mas dificultad, llevo desde los doce años dándole al ganchillo, punto, punto cruz, así que algo algo de experiencia he conseguido,espero os guste, lo malo que mucho de los trabajos los he vendido o regalado pero quedan algunos un saludo desde Asturias

  17. Love your crafty space! I could do with shelves like that for all my wool!


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