Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, Monday.......

hi there.
Well another week rolls around, the boys are all back at school today, so I had some time to play with colour combinations from my baby wool stash............going to make 3 colour stripe little beanies for babies.........

........... and do a bit of baking to fill my new cookie jars with the cute little rooster tops, I couldn't resist them at the DFO on the weekend...........

........and watch my new chookies test out their flying abilities, these are the first chooks I've had that have flown up to the top of the high fence, the other girls didn't look impressed, and they didn't seem too keen on going further though, probably only a matter of time......
( they were a bit chicken to fly right over! pun intended haha)

.........treated myself to a big bunch of one of my favourite flowers, these purple stocks - aren't they lovely? Fresh flowers have a way of making you smile and feel good about your home no matter how messy or holiday trashed it is.!!

Hoping to get a bit of extra crafting done this week, so should have some nice piccys later....

Have a great day!


  1. Hey Jules, I have just posted and the title was 'Monday Monday' till I realised I had already used it for another post........

    Loooove your rooster topped bikkie jars, they look fab, specially when they are full, hehe......

    Oh your girls won't stay on the right side of the fence for long...........once they spy something yummy in the garden. I still haven't done the wing clipping needed here. I kind of like seeing my rooster out wandering around the garden, crowing away to his hearts content.

    Stocks, just looove their perfume, beautiful. What a lovely treat to have a bunch of them filling the room with their delicious scent.

    Have a great week,

    Claire :}

  2. I love your new bickie jars and especially what's inside them too! :)
    Your new chooks like they're say "We're the king of the castle..."
    I love stocks too and their perfume reminds me of cinnamon for some reason.
    Enjoy your week,
    Anne xx

  3. Gorgeous coloured wool- can't wait to see the finished result.
    Love the biscuit jars too.

  4. Clipping wings is cruel as a concept - would humans like to have our toes cut off making it difficult/impossible to walk? Anyone other than a vet doing it is dangerous, potentially painful, harmful and cruel.

  5. Hi there,
    I've just come across this blog and I must say 'What a lovely blog you have here!'
    I will now be adding myself to your 'followers' list. :-)
    I love love love the colour combinations of yarn you've got going on in this post, I'm sure the baby beanies will be gorgeous!

    Ashley xx

  6. I'd like to know why photos of balls of yarn make me so happy, but they do! I'm not sure when I got this sad but... ohhh... how pretty do they look?! All of those gorgeous colours (I loved your craft room that you blogged about the other day too, not sure if I wrote a comment, but I was drinking in all the colour!).

    I'd love to keep chickens but aside from it not being practical for us (we live on a main road and I'd be scared of them escaping), I'm a little bit scared of them. All those flappy wings and beaks.. I'm not sure I dare pick one up! Very jealous of your fresh eggs though, can't beat em.

    Nicki xx

  7. Just found your blog via 'Meme Rose'... so nice to see someone new to crocheting! I'll be excited to see what you are going to make! I want chickens!! :)x

  8. :D You're post made me smile! I'm excited to see which colors came out of your woolpicking and how the beanies will looke when they're finished! x Lily


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