Wednesday, April 13, 2011

mini break.....


We have spent the last few days having a mini holiday at my folks' place, which has been very enjoyable. I am lucky that I get on really well with my parents and like spending time with them, and I think they like it too!
We only live 15 minutes away, but they live by the sea and have lots of space, so it was a nice place for a mini break and I could still visit home to look after the chooks and drive Jesse to his new part time job and all those type of things!

We had a nice picnic with my sister and her girls, walked on the beach, played a few sets of tennis, my other sister came down with her new baby and my other niece, and we had lots of delicious food! So it was really quite a family heavy time, which I am happy with!

Mum has still got shadow boxes with our little treasures sitting there looking very cute.
In the spirit of the Easter season, here are some bunnies that we used to collect, doing funny little bunny/human things. (Even a spot of knitting I think I spy! hehe)

The children tend to be pretty creative at nana and papa's place, so there are always new paintings to find homes for. Some art work by my nieces, bright and cheery.....

.....and 3 little paintings by my mum, bright and vibrant!! I think they are lovely and are going to look great on the wall all together.!! ( Sorry for the slightly blurry pics, definitely not my best work!!)

...Also managed to fit a fair bit of hooky action in too! But I'll save that for tomorrow....

Have a great day/night!

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  1. Hey Jules, what a creative bunch you are. It's wonderful to have so much diverse talent within the family.

    Your mum's paintings are fantastic, love the pears and the background colour. I see a similarity to your choices of yarn colours for your softies.........

    Sounds like you had a fun time all together and some good weather to
    go with it by all the activities.

    Cute bunnies too, enjoy the rest of the week,

    Claire :}


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